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The Mishoe Page

Submitter Information
Confederate Ancestor Information
Mishoe, Gerald Grant

207 Road Runner Court
Ladson, South Carolina  29456
United States

Email Address:

Cockfield, Cleland

Branch of Service: Army-Infantry
Company/Regiment: 10th South Carolina Infantry Co.E
Date of Service: unknown
Starting Rank: Private
Discharge Rank: Sergeant
Date of Discharge: 12-31-1862
Reason for Discharge: Killed in Action at the Battle of Murpheesboro
I am a member of the following:
• Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp Secession Camp#4

Lineage from Gerald Mishoe, to Cleland Cockfield

Gerald Gordon Mishoe

Birth Date:
21 Nov 1949
Birth Location:
Conway South Carolina

Death Date:

Death Location:

Mary Tennie Joy

Birth Date:
27 July 1918
Birth Location:
Johnsonville South Carolina

Death Date:
17 July 1997
Death Location:
Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Arimetha Cockfield

Birth Date:
11 Aug 1879
Birth Location:
Johnsonville South Carolina

Death Date:
6 Jan 1928
Death Location:
Johnsonville South Carolina

Colon Kopac Cockfield

Birth Date:
20 Feb 1851
Birth Location:

Death Date:
Death Location:

Cleland Washington Cockfield

Birth Date:
10 Feb 1822
Birth Location:
Williamsburg County

Death Date:
31 Dec 1862
Death Location:
Murpheesboro Tennessee

Additional Biographical Information
I am fortunate to have numerous members of my family fight in the War Between the States. I will list them by family name for the benifit of someone else who may be able to use the information. 
Grant Mishoe
name rank unit status
C.W.Cockfield Sgt. 10th SCInf Co.E (KIA December 31,1862)
J.H.Cockfield Pvt. 10th SCInf Co.E (KIA January 1,1863)
J.W.Cockfield Pvt. 26th SCInf Co.I (James W.)
J.A.Cockfield Pvt. 6th SCCav Co.I (James A.)
J. Cockfield Pvt. 26th SCInf Co.I (Josiah)
J. Cockfield Pvt. 6th SCCav Co.I (Josiah)
S.W.Cockfield Crp. 6th SCInf Co.K (DOD March 22,1864)

J. Mishoe Crp. 7th SCCav Co.F 
J.M.Mishoe Pvt. 7th SCCav Co.F 
S.C.Mishoe Pvt. 10th SCInf Co.C (DOW in hospital date??)
A. Michau Pvt. 4th SCCav Co.I
A. Michau Pvt. 4th SCCav Co.D (Alexander)
D.M.Michau Pvt. 10th SCInf Co.A 
F. Michau Pvt. 4th SCCav Co.D (Fletcher)
N. Michau Pvt. 4th SCCav Co.D (Noah)
T. Mishaw Pvt. 7th SCInf Co.L (Thomas)

A.J.Joye Pvt. 8th SCInf Co.A (Aaron)
J.F.Joye Pvt. 23rd SCInf Co.K (wounded 2nd Manassas Aug.1862)
F.E.Joy Pvt. 6th SCInf Co.E (wounded Wilderness May 1864)
F. Joy Pvt. 9th SCInf Co.F (Francis)
H.M.Joy Pvt. 21st SCInf Co.H (Henry)
J. Joy Pvt. 2nd SCCav Co.I (Jesse)
L.W.Joy Pvt. 9th SCInf Co.F (LeGrand)
L. Joye Pvt. 23rd SCInf Co.K 
S.J.Joy Pvt. HARTS BATTERY (KIA in skirmish in Virginia)
W.H.Joy Pvt. 8th SCInf Co.K 
W.T.Joy Pvt. 9th SCInf Co.A
W.R.Joy Capt. 8th SCInf Co.E (promoted to Capt. at reorg)

These are all I have to date. There aremore but I have yet to track them. I will pass on any information if anyone needs it. Thanks,

COCKFIELD, Cleland Washington (I89430)
after he married Hannah they moved to Society Hill, South Carolina In 1828, he joined with J. ELi Gregg to open a store in Society Hill that became an institution in that community. Caleb and Hannah built their home, Camp Marion, in 1844. It was the home of their daughter and son-in-law until 1881. It burned in 1963. 
COKER, Caleb Jr. II (I4042)
TODD, William James (I305963)
• John Houstoun McIntosh, C. S. Army, killed at battle of Sailors Creek.
• Joseph H. McIntosh, married.
• Elizabeth L. McIntosh, married Albert B. Dod, of Princeton, N. J.
• Bayard L. McIntosh, married first, Eliza Berrien daughter of Dr. Hugh Nesbitt, of Georgia, and had one child. Married second, Mary C., daughter of Dr. R. B. Hill, of Georgia. Bayard L. McIntosh and Eliza B. Nesbitt had:
• Lucia B. McIntosh, married H. N. Starnes, son of Judge Starnes, of Augusta, Ga., and had four children.
• Bayard L. McIntosh, by his second wife, Mary C. Hill, had:
• Mary Fisher McIntosh, married D. C. Cole, of Marietta, and had issue.
• John Houstoun McIntosh.
• Charlotte N. McIntosh, died.
• Bayard L McIntosh.
• Joseph H. McIntosh, died infant.
• Richard H. McIntosh.
• Mary R McIntosh, married John Kilgow, of Cincinnati.
• Charlotte N. McIntosh
• George McIntosh, died infant.
• George McIntosh, died infant. 
HIGBEE, Mary Randolph (I192169)
5  DEVOLUDE, Marquis Joseph-Paul-Jean DeLage (I1376)
6  MOODY, Twin Girl (I20212)
7  PILKINGTON, Deborah McCree (I21581)
8  KIRBY, Benjamin (James/Joseph) Sr. (I21582)
9  MORRIS (I22183)
10  CROSSWELL, Chessis LeRoy (I22212)
11  LUCAS, Sarah Jane “Jane” (I23579)
12  GRIFFIN, Nelson (I26141)
13  BOSTON, Robert Frederick (I30712)
14  ANDERSON, Joseph Lawrence (I30718)
15  BOSTON, George Washington (I30724)
16  GORDON, Nettie Virginia (I30725)
17  BOSTON, Annie Violet (I30726)
18  BOSTON, Clarence (I30727)
19  BOSTON, Nena Virginia (I30729)
20  OLVEY, Calvin Fletcher (I30731)
21  HARGITT, Sarah Donnell (I30732)
22  OLVEY, Miriam (I30733)
23  OLVEY, Harold Ross (I30738)
24  OLVEY, Alice Eleanor (I30739)
25  NIELSEN, Anete Kristine (I30741)
26  WINBERG, Clara Rachel twin (I30742)
27  ANDERSON, Arthur Edward (I30743)
28  ANDERSON, Irene (I30744)
29  ANDERSON, Melvin Francis (I30745)
30  ANDERSON, Clara (I30746)
31  ANDERSON, Lester Owen (I30747)
32  ANDERSON, Frank D. (I30748)
33 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ANDERSON, Gordon Delmas (I30749)
34  ANDERSON, Alvin John (I30751)
35  RABURN, John Emmit (I30755)
36  HARRISON, Hattie Katie (I30756)
37  RABURN, Erma Laverne (I30758)
38  RABURN, twin Joseph Carrol twin (I30773)
39  CLACK, Lavinia Ann (I30774)
40  HARRISON, George Dawson (I30775)
41  JÖNSSON WINBERG, Christoffer (I30778)
42  CLACK, twin Micajah Rogers twin (I30779)
43  ERIKSDOTTER, Anna (I30780)
44  JÖNSSON WINBERG, Oscar (I30783)
45  WINBERG, Caroline Albertine Louisa (I30784)
46  WINBERG, Alida Brighamina (I30785)
47  WINBERG, Amanda Josefina (I30786)
48  WINBERG, Sarah Constance twin (I30787)
49  GORDON, Fannie Alice (I30795)
50  GORDON, Hattie Bell (I30798)

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