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Sumter, South Carolina



Matches 101 to 150 of 231

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 JENKINS, Florence Jacqueline  6 Aug 1889Sumter, South Carolina I10155
102 JENKINS, Frances Lee  27 Jun 1884Sumter, South Carolina I10151
103 JENKINS, Francis Goddard  9 Nov 1828Sumter, South Carolina I10144
104 JENKINS, John Francis  12 Nov 1855Sumter, South Carolina I10147
105 JENKINS, Murray Lee  1 Feb 1871Sumter, South Carolina I10149
106 JENKINS, Robert Maxwell I  16 Jun 1858Sumter, South Carolina I10148
107 JENKINS, Robert Maxwell II  7 Dec 1891Sumter, South Carolina I10156
108 JENKINS, Susie Adele  9 Aug 1888Sumter, South Carolina I10154
109 JENKINS, William Bryan Sr.  11 Jul 1885Sumter, South Carolina I10152
110 JENNINGS, Gertrude  Sumter, South Carolina I19689
111 JENNINGS, Jennie Louise  19 Nov 1906Sumter, South Carolina I655
112 JENNINGS, Larkin Hamilton M. D. Sr.  9 Aug 1872 or 17 Aug 1873Sumter, South Carolina I15546
113 JONES, Amy Loreen  26 Feb 1910Sumter, South Carolina I16651
114 JONES, Annie Elise  21 Aug 1897Sumter, South Carolina I16638
115 JONES, Ashley Gibson  19 Sep 1917Sumter, South Carolina I16657
116 JONES, Dorothy Mavis “Mavis”  19 Jul 1920Sumter, South Carolina I16659
117 JONES, Durwood  10/1 Oct 1934Sumter, South Carolina I16685
118 JONES, Eva K.  5 Dec 1897Sumter, South Carolina I16785
119 JONES, Evaline  c1805Sumter, South Carolina I16256
120 JONES, Francis Chesley  26 Aug 1882Sumter, South Carolina I16630
121 JONES, James Aubrey  5 Aug 1923Sumter, South Carolina I16680
122 JONES, John Eldredge  28 May 1940Sumter, South Carolina I16688
123 JONES, John Isadore  17 Apr 1885Sumter, South Carolina I16631
124 JONES, Kathleen Elizabeth  21 Jun 1908Sumter, South Carolina I16649
125 JONES, Lonnie Verdell Sr.  23 Oct 1900Sumter, South Carolina I16640
126 JONES, Lonnie Verdell Jr.  23 May 1932Sumter, South Carolina I16684
127 JONES, Marion Walden/Walton Sr.  9 Nov 1890Sumter, South Carolina I16634
128 JONES, Mary Lillian “Lillian”  26 Aug 1923Sumter, South Carolina I16665
129 JONES, Olvin Hubert  19 Jan 1923Sumter, South Carolina I16660
130 JONES, Ottis/Otis Marvin  May 1895Sumter, South Carolina I16637
131 JONES, Robert Franklin  17 Aug 1912Sumter, South Carolina I17002
132 JONES, Robert Henry  21 Apr 1934Sumter, South Carolina I16580
133 JONES, Robert Lester  8 Oct 1896Sumter, South Carolina I114324
134 JONES, Rodney Deon  14 Nov 1962Sumter, South Carolina I16705
135 JONES, Vernon Ottis  1 May 1925Sumter, South Carolina I16666
136 JONES, William Clarence Jr.  1 Apr 1919Sumter, South Carolina I16473
137 KLARP, Edgar Faulk “Buseye Klarpp”  1923Sumter, South Carolina I202832
138 KOLB, Doris Celeste  Sumter, South Carolina I50690
139 KOLB, Ephraim Pool  17 Jul 1830Sumter, South Carolina I82467
140 KOLB, Eugene Epps “Jake”  25 Apr 1919Sumter, South Carolina I50692
141 KOLB, Mary Estelle  18 Feb 1877Sumter, South Carolina I50875
142 LOGAN, Agnes  2 Dec 1936Sumter, South Carolina I188976
143 LORING, Anna Charlotte  6 Aug 1844Sumter, South Carolina I5197
144 LORING, Emma  10 Aug 1858Sumter, South Carolina I5241
145 LORING, George Washington  24 Sep 1852Sumter, South Carolina I5235
146 LORING, Mary Wesley  15 Jun 1861Sumter, South Carolina I5242
147 MCCALL, Belva Ann  8 Jul 1908Sumter, South Carolina I208613
148 MCCALL, Carlton Earl  Jan 1921Sumter, South Carolina I208631
149 MCCALL, Marion Lee Ashton  29 Oct 1917Sumter, South Carolina I208627
150 MCCALL, Pearl Wilman  11 Sep 1910Sumter, South Carolina I106041

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Matches 101 to 149 of 149

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
101 MELLETT, Silas Kenneth  1 May 1914Sumter, South Carolina I17225
102 MELLETTE, Mary Dell/e  2 Apr 1958Sumter, South Carolina I15637
103 MOBLEY, Samuel Wagner Jr.  8 Jun 1938Sumter, South Carolina I223364
104 MOORE, Richard (Singleton?)  27 Feb 1831Sumter, South Carolina I6952
105 NETTLES, Jesse Jr.  2 Jul 1839Sumter, South Carolina I5745
106 NEWMAN, Annie Lou  12 Aug 1943Sumter, South Carolina I16464
107 PARKER, Terisa Ann  20 Oct 1967Sumter, South Carolina I157516
108 PITTS, Bynam J.  3 Aug 1933Sumter, South Carolina I142347
109 PITTS, Doctor James Madison  26 Aug 1884Sumter, South Carolina I5303
110 PITTS, John  16 May 1926Sumter, South Carolina I142345
111 PITTS, John Jeremiah  1850Sumter, South Carolina I5300
112 PITTS, Joseph Middleton  1835Sumter, South Carolina I5301
113 PITTS, Pinkney  5 Nov 1925Sumter, South Carolina I142355
114 POWELL, Harriett Milling  4 May/Apr 5 1943Sumter, South Carolina I15019
115 RAGIN, Elizabeth  Sumter, South Carolina I10673
116 RAMSEY, Mary Ann  29 Aug 1940Sumter, South Carolina I17054
117 RAMSEY, Willis  Bef 1810Sumter, South Carolina I60169
118 RICHARDSON, Lucien Edward Sr.  8 Feb 1999Sumter, South Carolina I6969
119 RICHARDSON, Sarah Jane Cedelia  19 Mar 1869Sumter, South Carolina I7487
120 ROBINSON, Joyce  Abt 25 Apr 1989Sumter, South Carolina I190203
121 SANDERS, Amelia Osborne  6 Jul 1831Sumter, South Carolina I11006
122 SANDERS, Cornelia C.  22 Oct 1831Sumter, South Carolina I10592
123 SANDERS, John  Sumter, South Carolina I2493
124 SANDERS, John Osborne Erasmus  24 Aug 1831Sumter, South Carolina I11005
125 SANDERS, Richard Moore  1850Sumter, South Carolina I10997
126 SANDERS, Thomas Osborne Sr.  2 Apr 1903Sumter, South Carolina I10591
127 SINGLETON, Harriet  Abt Jul 1850Sumter, South Carolina I9761
128 SINGLETON, Hortensia Lucile “Tannie”  3 Apr 1998Sumter, South Carolina I441
129 SINGLETON, Joseph  Bef 10 Mar 1812Sumter, South Carolina I366
130 SINGLETON, Joseph J.  Sumter, South Carolina I12139
131 SINGLETON, Robert  Bef 29 Aug 1800Sumter, South Carolina I314
132 SINGLETON, Wesley Bradford  22 Oct 1928Sumter, South Carolina I23
133 SKIPPER, Virginia Jessie  11 Dec 1991Sumter, South Carolina I71929
134 SMITH, Rosa Lou  20 Oct 1958Sumter, South Carolina I16953
135 SNYDER, Dr. Wesley James Jr.  29 Jun 1977Sumter, South Carolina I67328
136 STODDARD  Sumter, South Carolina I1975
137 SUMTER, Frances Caroline “Fanny”  12 Apr 1952Sumter, South Carolina I9047
138 SUMTER, Katherine Rees  7 Mar 1939Sumter, South Carolina I9049
139 THIGPEN, Beulah Inez  5 Apr 1997Sumter, South Carolina I28078
140 THIGPEN, Irene Faye  23 Sep 1977Sumter, South Carolina I28074
141 TISDALE, Frances Caroline  2 May 1988Sumter, South Carolina I9074
142 WALSH, Lucy  21 Nov 1944Sumter, South Carolina I14956
143 WALSH, Colonel Thomas Vardell Sr.  25 Dec 1906 at 6:20 P. M.Sumter, South Carolina I14945
144 WATIES, Charlotte Allston  19 Feb 1833Sumter, South Carolina I12136
145 WEBB, Frances E. “Fannie”  Abt 1865Sumter, South Carolina I52799
146 WELLS, James Sr.  31 Oct 1991Sumter, South Carolina I140831
147 WILLIAMS, William Randolph Sr.  Sumter, South Carolina I143422
148 WILSON, Margaret  1873Sumter, South Carolina I10138
149 WITHERSPOON, Hollis LeRoy  20 May 1933Sumter, South Carolina I294895

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