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Sumter, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 CURTIS, Epsie  31 Oct 1912Sumter, South Carolina I190270
52 CUTTINO, Susan Parniece  10 Jun 1861Sumter, South Carolina I61110
53 DARGAN, John Milton  10 Sep/2 Dec 1799Sumter, South Carolina I61860
54 DAVIS, Robert  30 Sep 1831Sumter, South Carolina I211984
55 DICKEY, Elizabeth Adelaide  1821Sumter, South Carolina I192137
56 DICKEY, John Edwin  6 May 1840Sumter, South Carolina I10964
57 DICKEY, Mary Ann Naomi  10 Mar 1834Sumter, South Carolina I10962
58 DICKEY, Patrick Henry  27 Jan 1832Sumter, South Carolina I10961
59 DICKEY, Shadrach Arthur  26 Apr 1837Sumter, South Carolina I10963
60 DICKEY, Thomas Edward  3 Dec 1829Sumter, South Carolina I10960
61 DINGLE, Harriet  ? 1795Sumter, South Carolina I1070
62 DINKINS, Ashley Renne  21 Feb 1983Sumter, South Carolina I303663
63 DINKINS, Cornelia Beattie  14 May 1844Sumter, South Carolina I20623
64 DUCOM, Edward Lewis IV  14 Feb 1926Sumter, South Carolina I15683
65 DUCOM, Mary Delle  20 Aug 1905Sumter, South Carolina I15657
66 EPPERSON, Joseph Norwood “Buck”  1 Sep 1914Sumter, South Carolina I471
67 FISHBURNE, John Anna Benjamin  4 Nov 1902Sumter, South Carolina I76047
68 FOXWORTH, Mary Ellen  24 May 1859Sumter, South Carolina I16629
69 FOXWORTH, Thomas O.  14 Oct 1890Sumter, South Carolina I16636
70 FRASER, Mary Elizabeth  1945Sumter, South Carolina I153557
71 FURMAN, Rachel Brodhead  16 Mar 1777Sumter, South Carolina I1786
72 GAGE, Louis Frederick Sr.  Dec 1912Sumter, South Carolina I241770
73 GREENING, Amanda Pauline  1811/14Sumter, South Carolina I4407
74 GREENING, Eldridge Swepson  2 Feb 1800Sumter, South Carolina I4399
75 GREENING, Rufus William  1803Sumter, South Carolina I4400
76 GREENING, Dr. Wade  1798Sumter, South Carolina I4396
77 HARVIN, Susannah Ellen  11 Jul 1811Sumter, South Carolina I10930
78 HAYNSWORTH, Elizabeth  2 Mar 1789Sumter, South Carolina I1520
79 HAYNSWORTH, Elizabeth H.  1813Sumter, South Carolina I1756
80 HAYNSWORTH, Frances McCall “Pinkie”  8 Sep 1918Sumter, South Carolina I3553
81 HAYNSWORTH, Henry  1 Sep 1776Sumter, South Carolina I1517
82 HAYNSWORTH, Dr. James  31 Oct 1784Sumter, South Carolina I1513
83 HAYNSWORTH, James Arthur  15 May 1892Sumter, South Carolina I1676
84 HAYNSWORTH, John Esquire  19 Feb 1782Sumter, South Carolina I9541
85 HAYNSWORTH, John Richard  19 Jan 1831Sumter, South Carolina I3460
86 HAYNSWORTH, Joseph Herbert Jr.  23 Aug 1908Sumter, South Carolina I9079
87 HAYNSWORTH, Margaret  25 Nov 1748Sumter, South Carolina I1539
88 HAYNSWORTH, Wood Furman  14 May 1795Sumter, South Carolina I1523
89 HODGE, Labron/Laban Dukes  1825Sumter, South Carolina I18223
90 HODGE, Macon Sr.  1918Sumter, South Carolina I19087
91 HOLLAND, Fred Eugene  Abt 1955Sumter, South Carolina I294419
92 HOLLAND, William Alonza Jr.  26 Aug 1924Sumter, South Carolina I163976
93 HOLLIDAY, William Kenneth “Billy”  1948Sumter, South Carolina I180016
94 HOOD, Harrison  1925Sumter, South Carolina I71054
95 HOOD, Lang Hurst  7 Feb 1923Sumter, South Carolina I71350
96 JACKSON, Benjamin James  8 Mar 1863Sumter, South Carolina I23756
97 JACKSON, Iola  19 Oct 1883Sumter, South Carolina I83324
98 JAMES, William Edwin “Bill” Jr.  27 Jan 1945Sumter, South Carolina I17304
99 JENKINS, Ann Eliza  2 Sep 1886Sumter, South Carolina I10153
100 JENKINS, Emma Eloise  13 Mar 1893Sumter, South Carolina I10157

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Matches 51 to 100 of 149

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
51 HAYNSWORTH, Frances McCall “Pinkie”  17 Dec 1997Sumter, South Carolina I3553
52 HAYNSWORTH, Henry  1784Sumter, South Carolina I1517
53 HAYNSWORTH, Dr. James  18 Jan 1848Sumter, South Carolina I1513
54 HAYNSWORTH, John Esquire  22/27 Jan 1831Sumter, South Carolina I9541
55 HAYNSWORTH, Josiah H.  8 Sep 1844Sumter, South Carolina I1515
56 HAYNSWORTH, William Francis Baker  16 Mar 1905Sumter, South Carolina I3456
57 HICKS, Lucy Harrison  12 May 1850Sumter, South Carolina I11955
58 HODGE, Labron/Laban Dukes  Aft 1870Sumter, South Carolina I18223
59 HORTON, Eliza Jane  3 Nov 1932Sumter, South Carolina I294888
60 JACKSON, Estelle Rosa  Aft 1979Sumter, South Carolina I133801
61 JACKSON, Mary Jane  1 Sep 1905Sumter, South Carolina I82468
62 JENKINS, Ann Eliza  2 May 1889Sumter, South Carolina I10153
63 JENKINS, Florence Jacqueline  Sumter, South Carolina I10155
64 JENKINS, Frances Lee  27 Jun 1884Sumter, South Carolina I10151
65 JENKINS, Francis Goddard  1867Sumter, South Carolina I10132
66 JENKINS, Francis Goddard  25 Mar 1891Sumter, South Carolina I10144
67 JENKINS, John Francis  20 Aug 1920Sumter, South Carolina I10147
68 JENKINS, Murray Lee  24 Jun 1918Sumter, South Carolina I10149
69 JENKINS, Robert Maxwell I  6 Apr 1931Sumter, South Carolina I10148
70 JENKINS, Robert Maxwell II  11 Nov 1952Sumter, South Carolina I10156
71 JENKINS, Susie Adele  Sumter, South Carolina I10154
72 JENKINS, William Bryan Sr.  1945Sumter, South Carolina I10152
73 JENNINGS, Gertrude  12 Mar 2000Sumter, South Carolina I19689
74 JERNIGAN, Levi Franklin  5 Oct 1955Sumter, South Carolina I70411
75 JONES, Eleanor  1817Sumter, South Carolina I10276
76 JONES, Eva K.  25 Mar 1959Sumter, South Carolina I16785
77 JONES, Francis Chesley  7 Mar 1963Sumter, South Carolina I16630
78 JONES, Frank Lafayette  12 Jul 1979Sumter, South Carolina I16491
79 JONES, John Isadore  6 Jun 1956Sumter, South Carolina I16631
80 JONES, John Westley “Johnny”  22 Jul 1928Sumter, South Carolina I16613
81 JONES, Lonnie Verdell Jr.  19 May 1969Sumter, South Carolina I16684
82 JONES, Mary Lillian “Lillian”  Bef 28 Jul 2007Sumter, South Carolina I16665
83 KOLB, Ephraim Pool  21 Oct 1894Sumter, South Carolina I82467
84 LACKEY, Winfred Bowen  25 Dec 1997Sumter, South Carolina I28179
85 LENOIR, Sarah Elizabeth M.  1870Sumter, South Carolina I10998
86 LORING, Emma  10 Aug 1858Sumter, South Carolina I5241
87 MCCALL, Carlton Earl  192Feb 1 (three weeks old)Sumter, South Carolina I208631
88 MCCALL, Marion Lee Ashton  31 Aug 1977Sumter, South Carolina I208627
89 MCCALL, Stanley Lanier  Nov 1924Sumter, South Carolina I208632
90 MCCAULEY, Rebecca B.  28 Jun/Jul 1847Sumter, South Carolina I7661
91 MCKNIGHT, Mary Ann  Sumter, South Carolina I7594
92 MCLEOD, Roger Gordon  25 Dec 1856Sumter, South Carolina I144316
93 MELLETT, Emma  7 Aug 1888Sumter, South Carolina I17058
94 MELLETT, Francis George  20/18 Nov 1917Sumter, South Carolina I17226
95 MELLETT, Frank Marion  30 Apr 1896Sumter, South Carolina I14968
96 MELLETT, Frean Sr.  12 Dec 1912Sumter, South Carolina I17029
97 MELLETT, McCabe  4/5 Oct 1912/11Sumter, South Carolina I15662
98 MELLETT, Miranda Ethel  12 Mar 1899Sumter, South Carolina I17057
99 MELLETT, Silas Sr.  3/10 Feb 1916Sumter, South Carolina I14994
100 MELLETT, Silas Jr.  25 Dec 1950Sumter, South Carolina I15655

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