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Lancaster County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Claude C.  1923Lancaster County, South Carolina I96168
2 ADAMS, James Elliott  1925Lancaster County, South Carolina I146862
3 BAKER, Archie Eluice  11 May 1926Lancaster County, South Carolina I215900
4 BAKER, Doctor Clawson  2 Jan 1855Lancaster County, South Carolina I93081
5 BAKER, Henry  Abt 1807Lancaster County, South Carolina I95341
6 BAKER, Lee Alexander  13 Oct 1878Lancaster County, South Carolina I86363
7 BECKHAM, Mary Elizabeth  3 Dec 1861Lancaster County, South Carolina I91710
8 BELL, Wylie Kelley  5 Jun 1846Lancaster County, South Carolina I240932
9 BIRD, Floyd Hilliard “Papa”  1917Lancaster County, South Carolina I275646
10 BLACKMON, Burrell F.  14 Nov 1850Lancaster County, South Carolina I95601
11 BLACKMON, Chester F. “C. F.”  1919Lancaster County, South Carolina I251531
12 BLACKMON, Elizabeth Easter “Esther”  Abt 1856Lancaster County, South Carolina I95599
13 BLACKMON, Jesse Franklin  Abt 1853Lancaster County, South Carolina I95593
14 BLACKMON, Martha E.  7 Dec 1868Lancaster County, South Carolina I142864
15 BLACKMON, Mary C.  Abt 1859Lancaster County, South Carolina I95597
16 BLACKMON, William J.  4 Jul 1818Lancaster County, South Carolina I95590
17 BLACKWELL, Claude  30 Mar 1889Lancaster County, South Carolina I304175
18 BLACKWELL, Mary Locke  1915Lancaster County, South Carolina I304177
19 BOYKIN, Darlene  18 Jun 1957Lancaster County, South Carolina I112820
20 BRIDGES, Chalmers Kenneth Sr.  27 Aug 1917Lancaster County, South Carolina I294169
21 BRIDGES, John Andrews  Abt 1861Lancaster County, South Carolina I294059
22 BRIDGES, Sarah Ingram  30 Jul 1915Lancaster County, South Carolina I294168
23 BROUGHTON, Zadock Leland  9 Jan 1868Lancaster County, South Carolina I94785
24 BYRD, Frank Elbert Sr.  1926Lancaster County, South Carolina I136933
25 CARNES, Dr. Ernest Bookhardt  21 Sep 1927Lancaster County, South Carolina I184588
26 CATO, Hugh Hasseltine  Abt 1855Lancaster County, South Carolina I95619
27 CATO, Jane  Abt 1843Lancaster County, South Carolina I95617
28 CATOE, Annie Lucille  8 May 1920Lancaster County, South Carolina I21855
29 CATOE, Charles Thomas  14 Dec 1895Lancaster County, South Carolina I25729
30 CATOE, Doris  1935Lancaster County, South Carolina I292867
31 CAUTHEN, John T.  1845Lancaster County, South Carolina I91679
32 CAUTHEN, John T. Barksdale  11 Jan 1849Lancaster County, South Carolina I91684
33 CAUTHEN, Lewis Jackson  12 Oct 1851Lancaster County, South Carolina I91687
34 CAUTHEN, Sarah E.  29 Jul 1811Lancaster County, South Carolina I92251
35 CAUTHEN, Thomas Jefferson  20 Mar 1816Lancaster County, South Carolina I92124
36 CONNELL, Nathaniel Jefferson  Dec 1848Lancaster County, South Carolina I95334
37 DEESE, Luther Marion Sr.  5 Jan 1899Lancaster County, South Carolina I142225
38 DIXON, Mecky  1857Lancaster County, South Carolina I93477
39 DUNCAN, William  Nov 1853Lancaster County, South Carolina I91715
40 EUBANKS, William John  14 Apr 1944Lancaster County, South Carolina I122501
41 FERGUSON, Alexander  19 Mar 1797Lancaster County, South Carolina I15819
42 FERGUSON, C. Ellison  19 Feb 1795Lancaster County, South Carolina I15818
43 FERGUSON, Clarissa Jane  12 Jan 1813Lancaster County, South Carolina I15826
44 FERGUSON, Elizabeth  17 May 1802Lancaster County, South Carolina I15822
45 FERGUSON, Reverend James Frances Jr.  Abt 1773Lancaster County, South Carolina I15812
46 FERGUSON, Labon  31 Aug 1807Lancaster County, South Carolina I15825
47 FERGUSON, Lewis B.  19 Aug 1799Lancaster County, South Carolina I15820
48 FERGUSON, Ransom  17 Aug 1804Lancaster County, South Carolina I15824
49 GREGORY, William Thurlow  20 May 1853Lancaster County, South Carolina I310516
50 HARRIS, Julian Hope  11 Apr 1893Lancaster County, South Carolina I175268

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth H.  Aft 1870Lancaster County, South Carolina I95780
2 Jane  Aft 1870Lancaster County, South Carolina I93285
3 ADAMS, Fodie Mae  7 Jan 2000Lancaster County, South Carolina I122021
4 BLACKMON, Martha E.  7 Mar 1968Lancaster County, South Carolina I142864
5 BLACKMON, William J.  26/27 Dec 1898Lancaster County, South Carolina I95590
6 BROUGHTON, Henry L.  Bef 1870Lancaster County, South Carolina I95779
7 BROUGHTON, Zadock/Zedrick H.  Lancaster County, South Carolina I94775
8 BROWN, Edna Pauline  15 Jul 1991Lancaster County, South Carolina I91242
9 BRUCE, Matilda Martha  1868/65Lancaster County, South Carolina I93256
10 CATO, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1908Lancaster County, South Carolina I95168
11 CATO, John  Aft 1806Lancaster County, South Carolina I95704
12 CATOE, Harold B. “Jack”  28 Aug 1998Lancaster County, South Carolina I94879
13 CATOE, Hattie Lee  28 May 1993Lancaster County, South Carolina I94771
14 CAUTHEN, John T.  1876Lancaster County, South Carolina I91679
15 CAUTHEN, Sarah E.  5 Aug 1886Lancaster County, South Carolina I92251
16 COOKE, Jane  1803Lancaster County, South Carolina I95705
17 CROXTON, Edward Caston  13 Apr 1948Lancaster County, South Carolina I91627
18 DIXON, James Sr.  Bef 1868/65Lancaster County, South Carolina I93220
19 DUNLAP, Lou  1895/1935Lancaster County, South Carolina I91718
20 EUBANKS, Shelly  17 Jul 1996Lancaster County, South Carolina I122488
21 EUBANKS, Thelma  10 Aug 2000Lancaster County, South Carolina I122495
22 EUBANKS, William John  16 Sep 2000Lancaster County, South Carolina I122501
23 FERGUSON, James Frances Sr.  betw 1800 - 1810Lancaster County, South Carolina I15805
24 FERGUSON, Joseph  Between 1786 - 1790Lancaster County, South Carolina I15787
25 GARDNER, Miles  Aft 1870Lancaster County, South Carolina I90338
26 GILLIS, James Edward  8 Feb 1939Lancaster County, South Carolina I212581
27 GILLIS, Oleta Modelle  11 Dec 1984Lancaster County, South Carolina I212585
28 GREGORY, Curtis F. Sr.  Aug 1975Lancaster County, South Carolina I91309
29 HILLIARD, James Columbus Jr.  6 Sep 1904Lancaster County, South Carolina I92001
30 HINSON, Winnie Elizabeth  Abt 1952Lancaster County, South Carolina I95156
31 HORTON, James Jefferson  4 Oct 1895Lancaster County, South Carolina I92250
32 HORTON, Sarah Amanda  2 May 1902Lancaster County, South Carolina I91699
33 HORTON, Sophia  Bef 9 Dec 1831Lancaster County, South Carolina I95584
34 HURST, Sarah Alwilda  4 Jun 1929Lancaster County, South Carolina I212582
35 JACKSON, Andrew Sr.  Feb 1767Lancaster County, South Carolina I127708
36 MCDOWELL, Thomas  Aft 1870Lancaster County, South Carolina I95789
37 MCNAUGHTON, Barry Dean  10 Sep 1984Lancaster County, South Carolina I212589
38 MONTGOMERY, Lewis Presly  2 Jul 1953Lancaster County, South Carolina I229971
39 NEAL, Martha E.  Aft 1870Lancaster County, South Carolina I95790
40 OUTEN, Annie Mae  19 Oct 1919Lancaster County, South Carolina I142850
41 PICKENS, Margaret  22 Dec 1793Lancaster County, South Carolina I207005
42 PIGG, Glenna Louise  23 Feb 1967Lancaster County, South Carolina I129676
43 PIGG, Littleton  Between 1870-1880Lancaster County, South Carolina I56612
44 ROBERTS, Jasper Ross  15 Aug 1978Lancaster County, South Carolina I94772
45 ROBERTS, Sanford Horton  13 Jul 1926Lancaster County, South Carolina I90336
46 ROLLINGS, Elizabeth Jane “Betty”  8 Dec 1928Lancaster County, South Carolina I91628
47 ROLLINGS, Joseph “Joe”  4 May 1928Lancaster County, South Carolina I91722
48 ROLLINGS, Lela Victoria  19 Apr 1999Lancaster County, South Carolina I120750
49 ROLLINGS, Samuel Luther  28 Jul 1980Lancaster County, South Carolina I120799
50 ROLLINGS, Sarah Ingram “Sallie”  30 Apr 1942 or 2 May 1924Lancaster County, South Carolina I91704

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Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOWERS / HORTON  Lancaster County, South Carolina F63989
2 BROUGHTON / GIVENS  19 Aug 1925Lancaster County, South Carolina F66300
3 CAUTHEN / ROBERTSON  27 Jan 1869Lancaster County, South Carolina F63594
4 CAUTHEN / ROBERTSON  27 Jan 1870Lancaster County, South Carolina F63591
5 CROXTON / ROBERTSON  15 Nov 1859Lancaster County, South Carolina F63586
6 DIXON /   Abt 1868Lancaster County, South Carolina F64691
7 DUNCAN /   1900Lancaster County, South Carolina F63621
8 DUNCAN / HILLIARD  19 Dec 1844Lancaster County, South Carolina F63566
9 DUNCAN / MOBLEY  1921Lancaster County, South Carolina F63565
10 HAMMOND / ROBERTSON  Dec 1894Lancaster County, South Carolina F63601
11 HILLIARD /   1889Lancaster County, South Carolina F63821
12 HILLIARD / DUNCAN ?  1 May 1823Lancaster County, South Carolina F63811
13 HILLIARD / ROBERTSON  Lancaster County, South Carolina F63587
14 INGRAM / MILLER  Abt 1875Lancaster County, South Carolina F197258
15 MCNAUGHTON / GILLIS  12 Oct 1930Lancaster County, South Carolina F144049
16 MOBLEY / ROBERTSON  28 Feb 1866Lancaster County, South Carolina F63588
17 MOBLEY / ROBERTSON  23 Oct 1873Lancaster County, South Carolina F63598
18 MOBLEY / ROBERTSON  11 Jan 1882Lancaster County, South Carolina F63600
19 ROBERTSON / ROBERTSON  1905Lancaster County, South Carolina F63597
20 ROBERTSON / ROLLINGS  9 Dec 1873Lancaster County, South Carolina F63567
21 ROLLINGS / HORTON  11 Feb 1837Lancaster County, South Carolina F63604
22 ROLLINS / MCMANUS  4 Jun 1919Lancaster County, South Carolina F98004
23 ROLLINS / OUTEN  31 Dec 1911Lancaster County, South Carolina F97989
24 USSERY / ROBERTSON  Dec 1866Lancaster County, South Carolina F63589

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