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Marlboro County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, John  1767/9Marlboro County, South Carolina I86842
2 ADAMS, John  1769Marlboro County, South Carolina I252720
3 ADAMS, Nancy  24 May 1795Marlboro County, South Carolina I252713
4 ALLEN, Anna Maria ‘Annie’  22 Oct 1843Marlboro County, South Carolina I132266
5 BAKER, Gabriel Jones  24 Nov 1853Marlboro County, South Carolina I211371
6 BENNETT, Dora  14 Nov 1889Marlboro County, South Carolina I210078
7 BETHEA, Sarah Ann  11 Apr 1797Marlboro County, South Carolina I63000
8 BETHEA, William Admon Sr.  1930Marlboro County, South Carolina I147904
9 BOSWELL, Joyce  1 May 1925Marlboro County, South Carolina I229400
10 BREEDEN, Edward Walton  21 Dec 1869Marlboro County, South Carolina I69387
11 BUIE, Thomas Stephen  5 Feb 1896Marlboro County, South Carolina I146463
12 BUNDY, Gladys  1908Marlboro County, South Carolina I135904
13 COCHRAN, Margaret  10 Sep 1782Marlboro County, South Carolina I22302
14 COCHRAN, Rachel  3 Feb 1781Marlboro County, South Carolina I22285
15 COOK, Celia  1779Marlboro County, South Carolina I86843
16 COSNAHAN, Joseph  Marlboro County, South Carolina I125844
17 COTTINGHAM, Conner  1797Marlboro County, South Carolina I72310
18 COWARD, Coy W. Sr.  12 Jul 1890Marlboro County, South Carolina I54344
19 COWARD, Edward  1841Marlboro County, South Carolina I268683
20 COWARD, Elizabeth  1835Marlboro County, South Carolina I268682
21 COWARD, Henry  1843Marlboro County, South Carolina I268685
22 COWARD, James Harmon “Hannie” Jr.  30 Mar/May 1862Marlboro County, South Carolina I209725
23 COWARD, James Harmon “Jimmy” Sr.  1836/40Marlboro County, South Carolina I209724
24 COWARD, James “Jimmy/Jim” Sr.  13 Oct 1912Marlboro County, South Carolina I210118
25 COWARD, John W.  Nov 1864Marlboro County, South Carolina I210249
26 COWARD, Mary  1842Marlboro County, South Carolina I268684
27 COWARD, Mary Bell  24 Oct 1894Marlboro County, South Carolina I210253
28 COWARD, Nancy  1833Marlboro County, South Carolina I209719
29 COWARD, Samuel W. “Sam” Sr.  31 May 1883Marlboro County, South Carolina I209716
30 COWARD, Thurman/Thurmond “Chauf” Sr.  7 May 1910Marlboro County, South Carolina I192484
31 COWARD, William Bitty  1845Marlboro County, South Carolina I268686
32 CREECH, Harden  1913Marlboro County, South Carolina I242198
33 CROSLAND, Ann  5 Oct 1797Marlboro County, South Carolina I102374
34 CROSLAND, Ann Throop  30 Apr 1869Marlboro County, South Carolina I68797
35 CROSLAND, Carlisle  27 Nov 1876Marlboro County, South Carolina I68799
36 CROSLAND, Dana Throop  11 Mar 1882Marlboro County, South Carolina I68802
37 CROSLAND, Daniel Martin  23 Dec 1786Marlboro County, South Carolina I102365
38 CROSLAND, Eugenia “Genie”  14 Apr 1875Marlboro County, South Carolina I1695
39 CROSLAND, Henry Herbert  21 Jan 1875Marlboro County, South Carolina I68798
40 CROSLAND, James Edward  26 Dec 1824Marlboro County, South Carolina I117972
41 CROSLAND, John  17 Jul 1776Marlboro County, South Carolina I102354
42 CROSLAND, Lily  10 Jun 1881Marlboro County, South Carolina I68801
43 CROSLAND, Mary  7 Feb 1778Marlboro County, South Carolina I102356
44 CROSLAND, Sara Jane  5 Aug 1878Marlboro County, South Carolina I68800
45 CROSLAND, Sarah “Sally”  18 Jan 1780Marlboro County, South Carolina I102358
46 CROSLAND, Temperance  27 Dec 1774Marlboro County, South Carolina I102351
47 CROSLAND, Thomas Little  11 Oct 1832Marlboro County, South Carolina I102389
48 CROSLAND, Dr. William  23/25 Apr 1800Marlboro County, South Carolina I102375
49 CROSSLAND, Rebecca Ellen  15 Jan 1829Marlboro County, South Carolina I116385
50 DAVID, Dr. William Josiah Jr.  13 Apr 1827Marlboro County, South Carolina I86638

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Roxana  Marlboro County, South Carolina I206390
2 ADAMS, Jonathan  1783Marlboro County, South Carolina I86831
3 ADAMS, Mary Jane  5 Apr 1932Marlboro County, South Carolina I86815
4 BARFIELD, Molly  18 Jan 1946Marlboro County, South Carolina I209727
5 BETHEA, Elizabeth  Marlboro County, South Carolina I68820
6 BEVERLY, Feribe  Abt 16 Jul 1826Marlboro County, South Carolina I252715
7 BEVERLY, John Jr.  1786Marlboro County, South Carolina I252716
8 BRIGHT, Charles  Mar 1830Marlboro County, South Carolina I216163
9 BROWN, Mary Elizabeth  9 Dec 1911Marlboro County, South Carolina I102390
10 COTTINGHAM, Conner  1824Marlboro County, South Carolina I72310
11 COWARD, James Harmon “Hannie” Jr.  7 Mar 1919/8Marlboro County, South Carolina I209725
12 CROSLAND, Ann  Marlboro County, South Carolina I102374
13 CROSLAND, Daniel Martin  20 Jul 1853Marlboro County, South Carolina I102365
14 CROSLAND, John  4 Dec 1832Marlboro County, South Carolina I102354
15 CROSLAND, Sarah “Sally”  Marlboro County, South Carolina I102358
16 ELLIS, Mary Ann  1784Marlboro County, South Carolina I22352
17 FLETCHER, John K.  13 Dec 1926Marlboro County, South Carolina I86814
18 FLETCHER, Railford  6 Feb 1885Marlboro County, South Carolina I86816
19 GARDINER, Elizabeth  Marlboro County, South Carolina I62993
20 GRIFFIN, Harriet A.  1 Dec 1887Marlboro County, South Carolina I23984
21 HAMER, Catherine  3 Jul 1858Marlboro County, South Carolina I206619
22 HATCHER, Edith  31 Mar 1908Marlboro County, South Carolina I209720
23 HILL, John Dove  13 Aug 1896Marlboro County, South Carolina I55718
24 HODGE, Martha Washington  13 Mar 1868Marlboro County, South Carolina I209367
25 JORDAN, Kate  1890Marlboro County, South Carolina I101492
26 KINNEY, Mary “Polly”  18 Sep 1863Marlboro County, South Carolina I57017
27 LEGGETT, Sherrod/Sherwood F. /LEGETTE  Abt 1835Marlboro County, South Carolina I72298
28 LEGGETT, William Jr.  Abt 1835Marlboro County, South Carolina I72299
29 LIDE, Ann  5 Oct 1839Marlboro County, South Carolina I14258
30 MANNING, Melea/Mealie II  26 Mar 1862Marlboro County, South Carolina I57016
31 MCCOLL, Mary  22 Dec 1853Marlboro County, South Carolina I60533
32 MCINTOSH, John  4 Nov 1774Marlboro County, South Carolina I190560
33 MCLAURIN, John Lauchlin Jr.  Marlboro County, South Carolina I68819
34 MCLAURIN, John Lauchlin  Marlboro County, South Carolina I68821
35 MCLAURIN, Philip Bethea  17 Dec 1863/4Marlboro County, South Carolina I68818
36 PEARSON, William Henry  6 Aug 1937Marlboro County, South Carolina I240849
37 PIGG, Raymond Alexander  14 Mar 1950Marlboro County, South Carolina I102256
38 PIPKIN, Isaac Sr.  10 Sep 1854Marlboro County, South Carolina I206552
39 PLEDGER, Ann  1779/80Marlboro County, South Carolina I206406
40 PLEDGER, Captain Phillip Sr.  1785Marlboro County, South Carolina I22351
41 POUNCEY, Ann  1838Marlboro County, South Carolina I125847
42 POUNCEY, Sarah “Sallie”  10 Apr 1864Marlboro County, South Carolina I12002
43 RASBURY, Ann  1787Marlboro County, South Carolina I252717
44 ROBESON, Mary  Marlboro County, South Carolina I86832
45 ROBESON, Mary  1762Marlboro County, South Carolina I252362
46 ROUSE, Ellis  23 May 1994Marlboro County, South Carolina I210113
47 SELLERS, Annie Jane  6 Nov 1973Marlboro County, South Carolina I128310
48 SMITH, Elizabeth “Eliza”  24 Apr 1963Marlboro County, South Carolina I136881
49 SMITH, John  1884Marlboro County, South Carolina I268680
50 STUBBS, John  Abt 1830Marlboro County, South Carolina I252712

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CROSLAND, Ann  Marlboro County, South Carolina I102374
2 MCINTOSH, John  Marlboro County, South Carolina I190560


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / COOK  1793Marlboro County, South Carolina F60288
2 ADAMS / ROBESON  1762Marlboro County, South Carolina F60282
3 BETHEA / MCLEOD  14 Mar 1844Marlboro County, South Carolina F15740
4 BRIGHT / GODFREY  1790Marlboro County, South Carolina F146396
5 COWARD / SMITH  1 Aug 1909Marlboro County, South Carolina F38735
6 CROSLAND / POUNCEY  20 Jan 1823Marlboro County, South Carolina F86468
7 HILL / TOWNSEND  30 May 1867Marlboro County, South Carolina F39714
8 LEGETTE / MCEACHERN  16 Feb 1843Marlboro County, South Carolina F50313
9 MANNING / KINNEY  1831Marlboro County, South Carolina F40481
10 MOORE / SPEARS  18 Oct 1845Marlboro County, South Carolina F140016
11 STROTHER / BETHEA  1819Marlboro County, South Carolina F44333
12 STUBBS / ADAMS  Marlboro County, South Carolina F170504
13 STUBBS / SPEARS  14 Dec 1841Marlboro County, South Carolina F140014
14 STUBBS / STUBBS  25 May 1848Marlboro County, South Carolina F170502
15 WRIGHT / TWITTY  6 Dec 1807Marlboro County, South Carolina F48451

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