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Orangeburg County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABBOTT, Ruby Joy  1940Orangeburg County, South Carolina I258813
2 BOSWELL, Harry Edward Jr.  Orangeburg County, South Carolina I92692
3 BROGDON, Sylvia Jo  28 Jul 1934Orangeburg County, South Carolina I1038
4 BUDDIN, Cecil Edward Jr.  24 Oct 1945Orangeburg County, South Carolina I267107
5 COGBURN, Anabel  1908Orangeburg County, South Carolina I124408
6 CONNOR, F. Evelyn  6 Oct 1922Orangeburg County, South Carolina I89166
7 CRUM, Evelyn  4 Apr 1918Orangeburg County, South Carolina I175787
8 DUKES, Beulah Marie  11 Oct 1896Orangeburg County, South Carolina I92500
9 DULEY, Devean C.  2008Orangeburg County, South Carolina I257890
10 DULEY, Ja’van T.  Feb 2009Orangeburg County, South Carolina I257891
11 EVANS, Edith”Edie”  Orangeburg County, South Carolina I15005
12 FANNING, Hanson Curtis  1900Orangeburg County, South Carolina I197396
13 FAULLING, Floyd Eugene “Gene” “Pete”  1931Orangeburg County, South Carolina I194272
14 FAULLING, Mamie Claire  1915Orangeburg County, South Carolina I194265
15 FELDER, Frederick Joseph Daniel Sr.  1 Sep 1753Orangeburg County, South Carolina I96483
16 FELDER, II Henry  8 Sep 1748Orangeburg County, South Carolina I96479
17 FELDER, Jacob  22 Jul 1750Orangeburg County, South Carolina I96481
18 FELDER, John Henry  12 Dec 1751Orangeburg County, South Carolina I96482
19 FELDER, Mary Elizabeth  6 Feb 1761Orangeburg County, South Carolina I96484
20 FELDER, Samuel  5 Jun 1755Orangeburg County, South Carolina I96485
21 FLOWERS, Sandra  23 Sep 1939Orangeburg County, South Carolina I263987
22 GASS, Napoleon  25 May 1925Orangeburg County, South Carolina I219414
23 GLEATON, Lever Randolph Sr.  1918Orangeburg County, South Carolina I125466
24 GRAMLING, Hazel Anne  1940Orangeburg County, South Carolina I333356
25 GUEST, Willie Lou “Shing”  30 Sep 1922Orangeburg County, South Carolina I265212
26 HAYNSWORTH, Elizabeth  8 Jan 1742Orangeburg County, South Carolina I1537
27 HAYNSWORTH, Elizabeth  7/10 Feb 1755Orangeburg County, South Carolina I1544
28 HAYNSWORTH, James  23 Oct 1752Orangeburg County, South Carolina I1543
29 HAYNSWORTH, John  10 Apr 1740Orangeburg County, South Carolina I1536
30 HAYNSWORTH, Rachel  8 Feb 1757Orangeburg County, South Carolina I1546
31 HAYNSWORTH, Richard  5 Apr 1744Orangeburg County, South Carolina I1538
32 HESSE, Jacob  15 Jun 1754Orangeburg County, South Carolina I9693
33 HESSE, Johann Nicholas  25 Dec 1746Orangeburg County, South Carolina I9700
34 HESSE, Joseph  24 Aug 1759Orangeburg County, South Carolina I9694
35 IRICK, Hilda  29 May 1929Orangeburg County, South Carolina I327808
36 JACKSON, Mamie Pauline  13 Jun 1895Orangeburg County, South Carolina I295914
37 JOHNSON, Elizabeth L. Anne  28 May 1825Orangeburg County, South Carolina I253388
38 JOYNER, Sewell Ann  13 Jul 1845Orangeburg County, South Carolina I253390
39 JOYNER, William  20 Jan 1810Orangeburg County, South Carolina I248927
40 LLOYD, John William “Bill” Sr.  26 Aug 1926Orangeburg County, South Carolina I111763
41 MCEACHERN, Thomas Theo “Tommy” III  1950Orangeburg County, South Carolina I232891
42 MCKAGEN, William Crawford “Billy”  6 Dec 1933Orangeburg County, South Carolina I53019
43 MITCHUM, Dorothy Almeta  15 Mar 1921Orangeburg County, South Carolina I295540
44 MITCHUM, Dorothy Mae  1914Orangeburg County, South Carolina I210299
45 NETTLES, Larry C.  1946Orangeburg County, South Carolina I150360
46 OWENS OR COLEMAN, Nonie  1920Orangeburg County, South Carolina I208752
47 PHILLIPS, Lucius Bellinger  22/28 Jul 1869/70Orangeburg County, South Carolina I61201
48 PHILLIPS, William Francis  12 Sep 1818Orangeburg County, South Carolina I61300
49 RILEY, Jeremiah M.  27 May 1834Orangeburg County, South Carolina I253389
50 RILEY, Sarah Ann  11 Apr 1867Orangeburg County, South Carolina I253386

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 FELDER, Abraham  15 May 1757Orangeburg County, South Carolina I96480
2 FELDER, Frederick Joseph Daniel Sr.  21 Oct 1753Orangeburg County, South Carolina I96483
3 FELDER, II Henry  25 Sep 1748Orangeburg County, South Carolina I96479
4 FELDER, John Henry  1 Jan 1751/52Orangeburg County, South Carolina I96482
5 FELDER, Samuel  22 Jun 1755Orangeburg County, South Carolina I96485


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AVINGER, Alexander P.  7 Mar 1908Orangeburg County, South Carolina I137363
2 BASKIN, Douglas Shuford Sr.  May 1984Orangeburg County, South Carolina I305940
3 BOLEN, Mary  11 Aug 1840Orangeburg County, South Carolina I61313
4 EVANS, Sallie Ford  30 Mar 1967Orangeburg County, South Carolina I22312
5 HALEY, Cheryl Kaye  9 Mar 1992Orangeburg County, South Carolina I111433
6 HATCHELL, William Joel  7 Mar 1916Orangeburg County, South Carolina I50436
7 HESSE, Johann Nicholas  26 Nov 1750Orangeburg County, South Carolina I9700
8 HESSE, Margaret  Orangeburg County, South Carolina I9696
9 HESSEY, Hans George Henry “George” /HESSE  Abt 9 Jan 1757Orangeburg County, South Carolina I9705
10 JOYNER, Sewell Ann  16 Jan 1921Orangeburg County, South Carolina I253390
11 JOYNER, William  14 Sep 1888Orangeburg County, South Carolina I248927
12 LARIMER, Margaret /LORIMER  26 Mar 1877Orangeburg County, South Carolina I242970
13 MELLICHAMP, Martha  25 Sep 1888Orangeburg County, South Carolina I242977
14 MELLICHAMP, Richard Furman  Between 1865-70Orangeburg County, South Carolina I242982
15 MELLICHAMP, Sarah Ann  12 Jul 1890Orangeburg County, South Carolina I242978
16 MELLICHAMP, St. Lo II - Jr.  4 Jan 1877Orangeburg County, South Carolina I106893
17 PHILLIPS, Edward  1800Orangeburg County, South Carolina I61329
18 PHILLIPS, William Francis  14 May 1897Orangeburg County, South Carolina I61300
19 REIDHEIMER, Ann Elizabeth Caroline  22 Jul 1907Orangeburg County, South Carolina I61301
20 RILEY, Jeremiah M.  5 Aug 1902Orangeburg County, South Carolina I253389
21 SHULER, Basil Manley  3 Mar 1871Orangeburg County, South Carolina I137360
22 SHULER, “The Colonel” David  27 Apr 1872Orangeburg County, South Carolina I137029
23 SHULER, Mary Catherine Emma  6 Apr 1947Orangeburg County, South Carolina I137362
24 VOGT, Cornelia Josephine  25 Mar 1900Orangeburg County, South Carolina I60236
25 WELLS, Samuel Perdriau  26 Dec 1911Orangeburg County, South Carolina I60235
26 WINNINGHAM, Ann Tarrant  2 Feb 1886Orangeburg County, South Carolina I61303
27 WINNINGHAM, Reverend Joseph  24 Jul 1837Orangeburg County, South Carolina I61310


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HESSE, Elizabeth  10 Jan 1806Orangeburg County, South Carolina I137
2 HESSE, Margaret  Orangeburg County, South Carolina I9696
3 HESSEY, Hans George Henry “George” /HESSE  10 Jan 1757Orangeburg County, South Carolina I9705


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 HAYNSWORTH, Mary  7 Apr 1751Orangeburg County, South Carolina I1541


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADDEN / JOHNSON  Dec 1849Orangeburg County, South Carolina F170938
2 ADDEN / RILEY  23 Apr 1885Orangeburg County, South Carolina F170937
3 BAKER /   16 Jun 1962Orangeburg County, South Carolina F46108
4 HAYNSWORTH / HESSE  1739Orangeburg County, South Carolina F546
5 MORFF / HESSE  5 Jun 1750Orangeburg County, South Carolina F3488
6 RILEY / JOYNER  23 May 1866Orangeburg County, South Carolina F170939
7 ROWE / HESSE  31 Dec 1739Orangeburg County, South Carolina F3490

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