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Williamsburg District, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALTMAN, John Jr.  1790Williamsburg District, South Carolina I82575
2 ALTMAN, William Samuel  17 Jan 1820Williamsburg District, South Carolina I302899
3 BAKER, George Hamilton  5 Nov 1869Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193364
4 BAKER, Hattie Adelaide  2 Dec 1882Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193370
5 BAKER, Leroy Cleveland “Cleve” Sr.  20 Mar 1884Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193371
6 BAKER, Letitia Effie  30 Apr 1890Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193372
7 BAKER, Lillian Ozeala  3 Feb 1874Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193366
8 BAKER, Minnie Loula  22 Mar 1872Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193365
9 BAKER, Nina Orma  25 Jul 1880/82Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193461
10 BAKER, Sinnotte Hamer  15 Apr 1878Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193368
11 BENTON, Elizabeth  1826/27Williamsburg District, South Carolina I226520
12 BENTON, Evander  1845/46Williamsburg District, South Carolina I226526
13 BENTON, Martha  1843/44Williamsburg District, South Carolina I226525
14 BENTON, Mary  1848/49Williamsburg District, South Carolina I226527
15 BENTON, Moses  1835/36Williamsburg District, South Carolina I226523
16 BENTON, Samuel  1841/42Williamsburg District, South Carolina I226524
17 BENTON, Sarah  1827/28Williamsburg District, South Carolina I226521
18 BENTON, William  1830/31Williamsburg District, South Carolina I226522
19 BROCKINGTON, Sarah Jane  29 Nov 1820Williamsburg District, South Carolina I12672
20 BURGESS, Warren Hamilton Sr.  15 Apr 1812Williamsburg District, South Carolina I2484
21 CARTER, Agnes Jane  22 May 1829Williamsburg District, South Carolina I82688
22 COCKFIELD, Anglo Puritan  5 Jan 1852Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193262
23 COCKFIELD, Belton Theodocia  19 Nov 1853Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193263
24 COCKFIELD, Captain James A. H.  7 Oct 1833Williamsburg District, South Carolina I58476
25 COCKFIELD, James Edward “Eddie”  8/18 Apr 1858Williamsburg District, South Carolina I3742
26 COCKFIELD, Josiah  3 Jan 1802Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193226
27 COCKFIELD, Justin Compare  22 Nov 1848Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193261
28 COCKFIELD, Lillie  1861Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193266
29 COCKFIELD, Martha Hamilton  12 Apr 1808Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193228
30 COCKFIELD, Sarah Reid  30 Oct 1805Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193227
31 COCKFIELD, Tustin Leval  31 May 1855Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193264
32 COCKFIELD, William  1755Williamsburg District, South Carolina I58501
33 COCKFIELD, William  1 Aug 1780Williamsburg District, South Carolina I50652
34 COCKFIELD, William Ebenezer Joseph  13 Dec 1866Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193282
35 COWARD, Caroline L.  3 Apr 1836Williamsburg District, South Carolina I50720
36 CUSACK, Joseph  1770Williamsburg District, South Carolina I82120
37 EPPS, James  10 Feb 1812Williamsburg District, South Carolina I65414
38 FLEMING, George Henry  20 Apr 1791Williamsburg District, South Carolina I65343
39 FLEMING, Samuel James  24 Apr 1824Williamsburg District, South Carolina I65351
40 FRIERSON, Daniel  Abt 1793Williamsburg District, South Carolina I116377
41 GOUDE, Rachel  1822Williamsburg District, South Carolina I302900
42 GREGG, Margaret  1752/4Williamsburg District, South Carolina I12970
43 HUDSON, Margaret Louisa  1818Williamsburg District, South Carolina I290261
44 KNOX, Charlotte Matilda  31 Dec 1799Williamsburg District, South Carolina I65344
45 MCCAULEY, Rebecca B.  17 Apr 1825Williamsburg District, South Carolina I7661
46 MCCUTCHEON, Hugh II  28 Feb 1781Williamsburg District, South Carolina I65444
47 MCKNIGHT, Mary Ann  17 Apr 1825Williamsburg District, South Carolina I7594
48 MONTGOMERY, Joseph S./P.  20 Jun 1793/84Williamsburg District, South Carolina I12571
49 NESMITH, David  17 Jun 1808Williamsburg District, South Carolina I12660
50 NESMITH, Elizabeth B.  17 Feb 1803Williamsburg District, South Carolina I12658

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  9 Jan 1840Williamsburg District, South Carolina I25679
2 BROCKINGTON, Sarah Jane  Jun 1899Williamsburg District, South Carolina I12672
3 COCKFIELD, Belton Theodocia  12 May 1854Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193263
4 COCKFIELD, Justin Compare  2 Oct 1858Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193261
5 COCKFIELD, Martha Hamilton  8 Dec 1886Williamsburg District, South Carolina I193228
6 CUSACK, Sarah  1 Nov 1833Williamsburg District, South Carolina I12499
7 MCCUTCHEON, Hugh II  12 Aug 1847Williamsburg District, South Carolina I65444
8 MCGEE, John  Bef 1850Williamsburg District, South Carolina I25684
9 SCOTT, John Sr.  9 May 1820Williamsburg District, South Carolina I13148
10 THOMPSON, Thomas Scott  Aft 1850Williamsburg District, South Carolina I66075
11 TURNER, Mary Anna  1830Williamsburg District, South Carolina I25685
12 TURNER, Robert M.  1870Williamsburg District, South Carolina I101368
13 TURNER, William  15 Oct 1833Williamsburg District, South Carolina I25678
14 WITHERSPOON, Jane  1740Williamsburg District, South Carolina I12996


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SCOTT, John Sr.  1820Williamsburg District, South Carolina I13148
2 WITHERSPOON, David  1759Williamsburg District, South Carolina I13141


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAKER / COCKFIELD  22 Oct 1863Williamsburg District, South Carolina F131261
2 BENTON / TURNER  1820/27Williamsburg District, South Carolina F18071
3 COCKFIELD / COCKFIELD  25 Jan 1845Williamsburg District, South Carolina F18240
4 COURTNEY /   Bef 1817Williamsburg District, South Carolina F153124
5 COURTNEY / TURNER  1846/50Williamsburg District, South Carolina F18068
6 FLEMING / KNOX  1819/20Williamsburg District, South Carolina F45910
7 FOLLY / TURNER  Abt 1830Williamsburg District, South Carolina F18070
8 FRIERSON / CHANDLER  1765Williamsburg District, South Carolina F45962
9 JAMES / COCKFIELD  13/18 Jan 1827Williamsburg District, South Carolina F131237
10 MATTHEWS / COCKFIELD  16 Aug 1875Williamsburg District, South Carolina F131265
11 MCGEE / TURNER  1820/30Williamsburg District, South Carolina F18069
12 PILKINGTON / MCCOWN  23 Jan 1820Williamsburg District, South Carolina F15185
13 SCOTT / GORDON  1819Williamsburg District, South Carolina F4687
14 TURNER /   Bef 1784Williamsburg District, South Carolina F15873

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