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Charleston, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, E. L.  Charleston, South Carolina I191812
2 AVESON, Anne Elise  14 Sep 1907Charleston, South Carolina I233789
3 BAKER, Captain Thomas S.  14 Nov 1772Charleston, South Carolina I4188
4 BALL, Anne  1731Charleston, South Carolina I190687
5 BEATTIE, Lila Clementine  18 Jan 1889Charleston, South Carolina I241729
6 BELSER, James Edwin  22 Dec 1805Charleston, South Carolina I4565
7 BELSER, St. Julian  Charleston, South Carolina I4266
8 BOWEN, Matthew Sevier Keith  Charleston, South Carolina I49509
9 BRISBANE, James  1734Charleston, South Carolina I69121
10 BRUMBY, Elizabeth  3 Oct 1792Charleston, South Carolina I4426
11 BRUMBY, Emily Margaret  1797Charleston, South Carolina I4474
12 BRUMBY, Robert Horatio  30 Mar 1799Charleston, South Carolina I52252
13 BRUMBY, Thomas Mason  3 Oct 1794 (1787)Charleston, South Carolina I4427
14 BRYAN, Phoebe  Oct 1860Charleston, South Carolina I189953
15 BUELL, George Bradley  Abt 1865Charleston, South Carolina I191249
16 BURN, Dorthea Maria  17 Mar 1774Charleston, South Carolina I1545
17 CALDER, Alexander  Abt 1819Charleston, South Carolina I9481
18 CALDER, Alexander Jr.  Abt 1848Charleston, South Carolina I9520
19 CALDER, Julian  Abt 1859Charleston, South Carolina I9505
20 CALDER, Lilly F  Abt 1856Charleston, South Carolina I9504
21 CANTEY, Rebecca  Charleston, South Carolina I6222
22 CHALMERS, Henry James  Abt 1787Charleston, South Carolina I69091
23 CHARLES, Colonel Edgar Wells  6 Feb 1801Charleston, South Carolina I3467
24 CONYERS, James  24 May 1718Charleston, South Carolina I192072
25 CROSS, Major Buckingham Halbeck  6 Oct 1835Charleston, South Carolina I409
26 CROSS, Elias  1821Charleston, South Carolina I9488
27 CROSS, John B  25 Feb 1820Charleston, South Carolina I9519
28 CROSS, Matthew William I  Abt 1765Charleston, South Carolina I9474
29 DELORME, Adelle  3 Feb 1802Charleston, South Carolina I1531
30 DELORME, Charles  21 Aug 1805Charleston, South Carolina I1534
31 DELORME, Edward  20 Jan 1795Charleston, South Carolina I1527
32 DELORME, Louis J. Francis  2 Jul 1793Charleston, South Carolina I1526
33 DELORME, Michael Xavier  17/12 Jun 1797Charleston, South Carolina I1528
34 FURMAN  Aug 1775Charleston, South Carolina I9545
35 FURMAN, Bolivar Boleyn/Bulline/Bullen  28 Jun 1851Charleston, South Carolina I1816
36 FURMAN, Charles Manning  17 Oct 1797Charleston, South Carolina I1997
37 FURMAN, Reverend Samuel Sr.  27 Mar 1792Charleston, South Carolina I1864
38 FURMAN, Dr. William Baker I/Sr.  9 Nov 1883Charleston, South Carolina I3830
39 GADSDEN, General Christopher  16 Feb 1724Charleston, South Carolina I69166
40 GAILLARD, Mary Eliza  25 Aug 1809Charleston, South Carolina I8528
41 GORDON, Caroline Matilda  1804Charleston, South Carolina I4267
42 HALEY, Deloris Jeanette  20 Dec 1931/30Charleston, South Carolina I152441
43 HASELTON, Pauline Rhett  2 Nov 1901Charleston, South Carolina I26291
44 HAYNSWORTH, Mary  17 Feb 1750Charleston, South Carolina I1541
45 HERBERT, Henry Williams M. D.  8 May 1909Charleston, South Carolina I3962
46 HERRON, Charlotte Withers  1814Charleston, South Carolina I21998
47 HEYWARD, Caroline Simmons  16 Nov 1851Charleston, South Carolina I1817
48 HORRY, Harriott Pinckney  4 Oct 1770Charleston, South Carolina I80720
49 LEBBY, Lucile  26 Apr 1892Charleston, South Carolina I4892
50 MATHEWES, Lois /MATHEWS  1744Charleston, South Carolina I76640

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  22 Mar 1727Charleston, South Carolina I69171
2 BAKER, Francis  1794Charleston, South Carolina I4231
3 BRUNSON, David Oskar Jr. or III  29 Dec 1966Charleston, South Carolina I82741
4 BURN, Dorthea Maria  22 Mar 1819Charleston, South Carolina I1545
5 CALDER, Alexander Jr.  25 Jan 1859Charleston, South Carolina I9520
6 CALDER, Anna Cross  30 Nov 1882Charleston, South Carolina I9500
7 CANTEY, George  2 Apr 1716/14Charleston, South Carolina I1373
8 CANTEY, Rebecca  4 Mar 1822 aged 80Charleston, South Carolina I6222
9 CANTEY, William Jr.  Oct 1729Charleston, South Carolina I6083
10 CAPPER, Max Vernon  24 Apr 1980Charleston, South Carolina I111
11 CHARLES, Andrew  25 Apr 1812Charleston, South Carolina I3470
12 COUTURIER, John  1783Charleston, South Carolina I22689
13 CROSS, Elias  26 Jan 1836Charleston, South Carolina I9488
14 CROSS, Henry  Abt 14 Mar 1836Charleston, South Carolina I9494
15 CROSS, Henry B.  2 Jan 1866Charleston, South Carolina I9478
16 CROSS, John B  25 Jan 1836Charleston, South Carolina I9519
17 CUTTINO, Margaret Elizabeth  14 Oct 1909Charleston, South Carolina I12931
18 DELORME, Adelle  4 Jul 1803Charleston, South Carolina I1531
19 DELORME, Madeleine Eugenia Emilia “Emily”  10 Sep 1799Charleston, South Carolina I1524
20 DWIGHT, Charles Stevens Jr.  20 Feb 1963Charleston, South Carolina I4891
21 DWIGHT, Maria Gaillard  7 May 1954Charleston, South Carolina I4865
22 EDWARDS, John Pelham  3 Jul 1957Charleston, South Carolina I1976
23 FURMAN  Aug 1775Charleston, South Carolina I9545
24 FURMAN, Charles Manning  2 Jul 1870Charleston, South Carolina I1997
25 FURMAN, Rev. Dr. Richard Brodhead  25 Aug 1825Charleston, South Carolina I1551
26 FURMAN, Richard Irvine Keith Sr.  9 Oct 1865Charleston, South Carolina I1811
27 FURMAN, William Francis Baker  11 Sep 1850Charleston, South Carolina I1815
28 GADSDEN, Thomas  4 Aug 1741Charleston, South Carolina I69170
29 HERIOT, Sarah Elizabeth  21 May 1975Charleston, South Carolina I82740
30 HEYWARD, Caroline Simmons  21 Mar 1916Charleston, South Carolina I1817
31 HORRY, Harriott Pinckney  13 Oct 1858Charleston, South Carolina I80720
32 HUTCHINSON, Fred Ronald  7 Dec 1984Charleston, South Carolina I58602
33 HUTSON, Ann Bythewood  5 Aug 1841Charleston, South Carolina I9472
34 JAMES, William James  Charleston, South Carolina I15845
35 JEFFERIES, Governor Richard Manning  20 Apr 1964Charleston, South Carolina I269618
36 MATHEWES, Governor John  26 Oct 1802Charleston, South Carolina I80699
37 MCINTOSH, General Alexander  18 Nov 1789Charleston, South Carolina I191276
38 MELLICHAMP, Margaret  Charleston, South Carolina I8225
39 MIDDLETON, Edward  1685Charleston, South Carolina I80661
40 MOISE, Caroline  11 Jan 1952Charleston, South Carolina I98495
41 MUNS, Allen  1981Charleston, South Carolina I75507
42 PINCKNEY, Honorable/General Charles Cotesworth Sr.  16 Aug 1825Charleston, South Carolina I80705
43 PLAYER, Thomas Gleaton  23 Mar 1944Charleston, South Carolina I160035
44 RICHARDSON, Sea Captain Edward  1765Charleston, South Carolina I17695
45 SINGLETON, Charles Randall  14 Feb 1985Charleston, South Carolina I179803
46 SMYTHE, John  14 May 1833Charleston, South Carolina I22049
47 STUPENOS, Andrew James  14 May 1996Charleston, South Carolina I28489
48 SUMTER, Thomas Sebastian Jr  13 Oct 1911Charleston, South Carolina I9048
49 WOOD, Sara  24 Jul 1792Charleston, South Carolina I69118


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Gulielma/Galilea Frances  3 Aug 1883Charleston, South Carolina I1812
2 COPELAND, Jack  Charleston, South Carolina I111651
3 HERIOT, Sarah Elizabeth  Charleston, South Carolina I82740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 SINGLETON, Thomas  1798Charleston, South Carolina I23040
2 STROTHER, Charles  25 Oct 1773Charleston, South Carolina I10815


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AYCOCK / GRIFFIN  16 May 1942Charleston, South Carolina F55999
2 COCKERILL / GLENN  27 Apr 1921Charleston, South Carolina F12995
3 CROSS / BURROWS  Charleston, South Carolina F3406
4 CROSS / BURROWS  25 Nov 1851Charleston, South Carolina F3405
5 DUBOSE / BOISSEAU  9 Jul 1749Charleston, South Carolina F3113
6 FISHBURNE / BENJAMIN  4 Apr 1867Charleston, South Carolina F11286
7 FURMAN / BURN  5/15 May 1789Charleston, South Carolina F570
8 FURMAN / HAYNSWORTH  28 Nov 1774Charleston, South Carolina F567
9 FURMAN / SCRIMZEOUR OR SCRYMGEOUR  5 May 1814Charleston, South Carolina F670
10 HAYNSWORTH / PORTER  1810Charleston, South Carolina F558
11 JENKINS / SANDERS  30 Oct 1901Charleston, South Carolina F699
12 MAZYCK / LESERRURIER  14 Oct 1693Charleston, South Carolina F2925
13 MELLETTE /   Charleston, South Carolina F2794
14 MURRELL / BROWN  2 Oct 1849Charleston, South Carolina F19504
15 NESBITT / GIBBONS  4 Jul 1946Charleston, South Carolina F57015
16 OSTEEN / DOAR  6 Mar 1866Charleston, South Carolina F18910
17 SMITH / ALSBROOK  1956Charleston, South Carolina F141840
18 SMYTHE / RICHARDSON  Charleston, South Carolina F15300

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