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Greenville County, South Carolina



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARBARE, T. Peter  1 Jun 1851Greenville County, South Carolina I86784
2 BISHOP, Henry  22 Jun 1846Greenville County, South Carolina I142741
3 BISHOP, William Edward  24 Mar 1872Greenville County, South Carolina I142743
4 BOSWELL, Benjamin  16 Nov 1817Greenville County, South Carolina I118165
5 BOSWELL, Frances E.  26 Mar 1845Greenville County, South Carolina I118164
6 CHARLES, Ellen Permelia  13 Feb 1838Greenville County, South Carolina I117858
7 CHARLES, Israel  5 Sep 1805Greenville County, South Carolina I117867
8 CHASTEEN, Janet Lynn  18 Feb 1952Greenville County, South Carolina I161107
9 CHASTEEN, William Guy  22 Aug 1924Greenville County, South Carolina I161103
10 COWARD, Lucille “Red”  1924Greenville County, South Carolina I222928
11 CULBERTSON, Kenneth  18 Aug 1934Greenville County, South Carolina I160848
12 DAVENPORT, Polly Ann  1845Greenville County, South Carolina I142772
13 DONALDSON, Mary McCullough  Greenville County, South Carolina I117878
14 ELLIOTT, Jimmy Houston  17 Feb 1940Greenville County, South Carolina I161140
15 FINLAY, Abraham “Abe”  5 Mar 1934Greenville County, South Carolina I161139
16 GARRETT, John G.  1843Greenville County, South Carolina I142771
17 GARRETT, Sallie  17 Feb 1883Greenville County, South Carolina I142770
18 GREEN, Nancy Harriet  25 Jun 1795Greenville County, South Carolina I86965
19 INGRAM, Elizabeth Jane/Jane Elizabeth  11 Dec 1843Greenville County, South Carolina I86950
20 MCCULLOUGH, Sarah Reid  6 Mar 1808Greenville County, South Carolina I117895
21 MONTGOMERY, John William  19 Apr 1847Greenville County, South Carolina I57859
22 NEVES, William Arthur  9 Aug 1875Greenville County, South Carolina I117932
23 POOL, Demarcus Roland  8 Jan 1827Greenville County, South Carolina I57801
24 POOLE, Franklin Pierce  19 Jun 1855Greenville County, South Carolina I57798
25 POOLE, Mary Jane  6 Jan 1828Greenville County, South Carolina I118166
26 POOLE, Mattie Lou  28 Dec 1878Greenville County, South Carolina I147917
27 POOLE, Pauline  1 May 1853Greenville County, South Carolina I57835
28 PUTNAM, Lola  1 OctGreenville County, South Carolina I5548
29 SINGLETON, Robert Randolph  9 Jan 1871Greenville County, South Carolina I160782
30 SINGLETON, Thomas Calvin  26 Nov 1867Greenville County, South Carolina I160779
31 SNIPES, Joseph Milton III  Greenville County, South Carolina I161776
32 SNIPES, Lorie  Greenville County, South Carolina I161777
33 SNIPES, Tyron  Greenville County, South Carolina I161778
34 TURNER, Thomas Major  29 Aug 1876Greenville County, South Carolina I57847
35 WADE, Elizabeth Mays  25 Jan 1888Greenville County, South Carolina I57848
36 WATSON, Lewis Fowler  2 Nov 1902Greenville County, South Carolina I142748
37 WEST, Annie Harrison  4 Apr 1864Greenville County, South Carolina I117856
38 WEST, Benjamin Perry MD  1831Greenville County, South Carolina I117877
39 WHITMIRE, Elizabeth  17 Feb 1833Greenville County, South Carolina I160771
40 WOODSIDE, John Lawrence MD  7 May 1836Greenville County, South Carolina I117857


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARBARE, Benjamin  3 Apr 1893Greenville County, South Carolina I86785
2 BARBARE, T. Peter  11 Aug 1922Greenville County, South Carolina I86784
3 BARTON, David  1838Greenville County, South Carolina I118189
4 BISHOP, Mollie  9 Jun 1974Greenville County, South Carolina I142747
5 BOSWELL, Benjamin  7 Nov 1896Greenville County, South Carolina I118165
6 CHARLES, Ellen Permelia  14 Feb 1906Greenville County, South Carolina I117858
7 CHARLES, Israel  3 Oct 1884Greenville County, South Carolina I117867
8 CHASTEEN, William Guy  21 Nov 1987Greenville County, South Carolina I161103
9 CULBERTSON, James Wade  13 Dec 1970Greenville County, South Carolina I160843
10 CULBERTSON, Kathleen Ola “Leen”  30 Oct 1975Greenville County, South Carolina I160840
11 CULBERTSON, Kenneth  7 Dec 1938Greenville County, South Carolina I160848
12 CULBERTSON, LeRoy Jr.  21 Jul 1989Greenville County, South Carolina I160845
13 CULBERTSON, LeRoy “Roy” Sr.  9 Oct 1957Greenville County, South Carolina I160837
14 CULBERTSON, Pauline Nora “Tootsie”  11 Dec 1998Greenville County, South Carolina I160842
15 CURRY, Nancy Jane  9 Jan 1897Greenville County, South Carolina I142753
16 DAVENPORT, Polly Ann  23 Oct 1911Greenville County, South Carolina I142772
17 GARRETT, John G.  6 Sep 1911Greenville County, South Carolina I142771
18 GARRETT, Sallie  18 Apr 1971Greenville County, South Carolina I142770
19 GILREATH, Hardy Jones  6 Sep 1868Greenville County, South Carolina I86964
20 GLENS, Elizabeth  1840Greenville County, South Carolina I116632
21 GREEN, Nancy Harriet  29 Jan 1867Greenville County, South Carolina I86965
22 GRIFFIN, Laura H.  13 Jul 1904Greenville County, South Carolina I57850
23 HAMPTON, Elizabeth  28 Jul 1799Greenville County, South Carolina I56117
24 HARRISON, Clarissa  1792Greenville County, South Carolina I57580
25 HUFF, Sarah  1846Greenville County, South Carolina I117880
26 INGRAM, Henry Green  13 Dec 1900Greenville County, South Carolina I86952
27 LANGLEY, Mary Ann  11 Apr 1903Greenville County, South Carolina I86786
28 LOCKE, Richard  Greenville County, South Carolina I116629
29 MARTIN, Elizabeth Reed  29 Aug 1870Greenville County, South Carolina I285647
30 MOORE, Catherine  6 Jun 1966Greenville County, South Carolina I123741
31 NEWBY, Mary  7 Jul 1919Greenville County, South Carolina I57802
32 OSTEEN, Solomon G.  26 Nov 1935Greenville County, South Carolina I26932
33 PEDEN, John Thomas  31 Mar 1849Greenville County, South Carolina I285646
34 PETTYPOOLE, Seth P.  19 May 1879Greenville County, South Carolina I57803
35 POOL, Demarcus Roland  13 Sep 1888Greenville County, South Carolina I57801
36 POOLE, Franklin Pierce  7 Jan 1949Greenville County, South Carolina I57798
37 POOLE, Mary Jane  16 Apr 1906Greenville County, South Carolina I118166
38 POOLE, Nancy E.  18 Apr 1935Greenville County, South Carolina I86783
39 POOLE, Pauline  2 Jan 1948Greenville County, South Carolina I57835
40 POOLE, Stephen  17 Jan 1897Greenville County, South Carolina I57833
41 SINGLETON, Ola Elizabeth  28 Feb 1983Greenville County, South Carolina I160500
42 WADE, Beauregard G.  2 Oct 1923Greenville County, South Carolina I57849
43 WATSON, James Marion  4 Sep 1928Greenville County, South Carolina I142752
44 WATSON, John Wesley  13 Oct 1957Greenville County, South Carolina I142751
45 WEST, Isaac Jr.  1839Greenville County, South Carolina I117879
46 WESTMORELAND, Mary Louise  4 Jan 1915Greenville County, South Carolina I57834
47 WILLIS, James Irvin  21 Jul 1908Greenville County, South Carolina I57792
48 WOODSIDE, Jenny “Jane”  14 Jun 1871Greenville County, South Carolina I117860
49 WOODSIDE, John Lawrence MD  1 Dec 1896Greenville County, South Carolina I117857
50 YATES, Janie  24 Apr 1942Greenville County, South Carolina I57860


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOSWELL / POOLE  7 Mar 1844Greenville County, South Carolina F81469
2 BURCH / DOUGLAS  11 Jun 1943Greenville County, South Carolina F88295
3 GILREATH / GREEN  17 Feb 1817Greenville County, South Carolina F60369
4 GILREATH / INGRAM  24 Feb 1870Greenville County, South Carolina F60361
5 INGRAM / ALLEN  21 Jun 1836Greenville County, South Carolina F60362
6 MEDLOCK / CULBERTSON  Greenville County, South Carolina F109833
7 NEVES / GILREATH  27 Dec 1898Greenville County, South Carolina F81320
8 WATSON / BISHOP  30 May 1925Greenville County, South Carolina F97930

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