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Kershaw County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary Anne  1794/1797Kershaw County, South Carolina I82013
2 ANDERSON, Inez  1 Jul 1916Kershaw County, South Carolina I212238
3 ANDERSON, Lois  1921Kershaw County, South Carolina I219931
4 ARRANTS, James Robert  28 Oct 1831Kershaw County, South Carolina I72629
5 ATKINSON, Daniel Harrison “Dan” Jr.  9 Feb 1881Kershaw County, South Carolina I107109
6 BAKER, Cornelia Agnes  15 Feb 1894Kershaw County, South Carolina I211497
7 BAKER, Donnie Paschal Sr.  1929Kershaw County, South Carolina I114591
8 BAKER, Duncan  Abt 1856Kershaw County, South Carolina I211445
9 BAKER, Ernest Wilson Sr.  9 Nov 1915Kershaw County, South Carolina I73385
10 BAKER, Franklin  Abt 1859Kershaw County, South Carolina I211447
11 BAKER, Hazel Wilburn Sr.  20 Feb 1899Kershaw County, South Carolina I132613
12 BAKER, Isadora O. “Dora”  20 Jan 1886Kershaw County, South Carolina I119686
13 BAKER, Josephin  15 Feb 1884Kershaw County, South Carolina I112187
14 BAKER, Martha Elizabeth  15 Oct 1857Kershaw County, South Carolina I217472
15 BAKER, Minnie  31 Jul 1890Kershaw County, South Carolina I174424
16 BAKER, R. S.  Abt 1855Kershaw County, South Carolina I211444
17 BAKER, Samuel  Abt 1857Kershaw County, South Carolina I211446
18 BAKER, William  Abt 1851Kershaw County, South Carolina I211443
19 BAKER, Winetta/Winnetta  1924Kershaw County, South Carolina I109548
20 BARFIELD, Alma Luella “Lucy”  7 Sep 1926Kershaw County, South Carolina I173416
21 BARFIELD, Martha Dell  1914Kershaw County, South Carolina I146959
22 BARFIELD, Pauline  1928Kershaw County, South Carolina I264817
23 BARTLETTE, Frances  1926Kershaw County, South Carolina I163148
24 BASKIN, Joseph E.  25 Jun 1845Kershaw County, South Carolina I305922
25 BASKIN, William Peebles  26 Aug 1843Kershaw County, South Carolina I305928
26 BLACKWELL, John E. Sr.  27 Apr 1920Kershaw County, South Carolina I288059
27 BLACKWELL, LeRoy  14 Oct 1924Kershaw County, South Carolina I288064
28 BOWEN, Reverend Philip Pipkin  1799Kershaw County, South Carolina I27709
29 BOWERS, Connie Jean  1947Kershaw County, South Carolina I147614
30 BOWERS, Viola  1928Kershaw County, South Carolina I264431
31 BOYD, Alice  16 Dec 1911Kershaw County, South Carolina I148575
32 BOYKIN, Zeno Love  20 Feb 1878Kershaw County, South Carolina I67112
33 BRANHAM, Beatrice  1922Kershaw County, South Carolina I270094
34 BRANHAM, Franklin Delano Rosevelt “Frank” Sr.  29 Jul 1934Kershaw County, South Carolina I270207
35 BRANHAM, Joyce  1935Kershaw County, South Carolina I273071
36 BRANHAM, Mamie Louise  1921Kershaw County, South Carolina I269434
37 BRANHAM, Mary Ann  1929Kershaw County, South Carolina I273073
38 BRANNON, Catherine “Kate”  1830/5Kershaw County, South Carolina I93310
39 BRANNON, Charlotte  1824/25Kershaw County, South Carolina I93392
40 BRANNON, Elias  1832Kershaw County, South Carolina I93396
41 BRANNON, James Ellis  1831Kershaw County, South Carolina I93395
42 BRANNON, John Benjamin  2 Feb 1853Kershaw County, South Carolina I93417
43 BRANNON, Martha  Abt 1844Kershaw County, South Carolina I211432
44 BRANNON, Mary  Bef 1844Kershaw County, South Carolina I211430
45 BRANNON, Mary Jane  1843Kershaw County, South Carolina I93405
46 BRANNON, Sarah  Abt 1823Kershaw County, South Carolina I211427
47 BRANNON, Wiley  1823Kershaw County, South Carolina I93325
48 BROUGHTON, Francis David Sr.  28 Jul 1887Kershaw County, South Carolina I76070
49 BROUGHTON, Furman Franklin  10 Nov 1905Kershaw County, South Carolina I95723
50 BROUGHTON, Melvin Leland  1912Kershaw County, South Carolina I95758

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary Jane  Aft 1860Kershaw County, South Carolina I211932
2 ARD, Nell  13 Jan 1969Kershaw County, South Carolina I76774
3 BAKER, Doctor Clawson  5 Mar 1936Kershaw County, South Carolina I93081
4 BAKER, Florence Adella  Aug 1921Kershaw County, South Carolina I217483
5 BAKER, Henry  2 Jul 1877Kershaw County, South Carolina I95341
6 BAKER, Mary Ann “Mollie”  17 Apr 1936Kershaw County, South Carolina I95834
7 BAKER, William Thomas  1928Kershaw County, South Carolina I95727
8 BARNES, Edwin/Edward  10/18 May 1887Kershaw County, South Carolina I52790
9 BARNES, Kezziah “Kizzie”  1853Kershaw County, South Carolina I52785
10 BOYKIN, Drury III  14 Feb 1883Kershaw County, South Carolina I26562
11 BOYKIN, Mary Elizabeth  28 Jul 1921Kershaw County, South Carolina I11172
12 BRANNON, John Jr.  1886Kershaw County, South Carolina I93391
13 BROUGHTON, Bobby W.  28 Jul 1965Kershaw County, South Carolina I94782
14 BROUGHTON, Daniel Melvin  25 Mar 1940Kershaw County, South Carolina I95718
15 BROUGHTON, Francis David Sr.  29 Aug 1938Kershaw County, South Carolina I76070
16 BROUGHTON, Furman Franklin  13 Jan 1961Kershaw County, South Carolina I95723
17 BROUGHTON, James Martin  17 Jun 1908Kershaw County, South Carolina I94735
18 BROUGHTON, Walter Thomas Sr.  8 Jul 1952Kershaw County, South Carolina I95720
19 BROUGHTON, Zadock Leland  17 Dec 1930Kershaw County, South Carolina I94785
20 BRUCE, James  4 Dec 1862Kershaw County, South Carolina I211580
21 BRUCE, Joseph Garlick  18 Jul 1885Kershaw County, South Carolina I211576
22 BULLOCK, Larry Cecil  30 Jul 1973Kershaw County, South Carolina I303633
23 BURKETT, Annice Janne  Abt 1879Kershaw County, South Carolina I93296
24 CATO, Emma Jane  25 Sep 1934Kershaw County, South Carolina I93082
25 CATO, James  27 Jun 1907Kershaw County, South Carolina I93067
26 CATOE, Needham  7 Feb 1852Kershaw County, South Carolina I93066
27 CATOE, William Burrell  13 Aug 1883Kershaw County, South Carolina I94762
28 CONNELL, Martha Haseltine  31 Aug 1927Kershaw County, South Carolina I95160
29 DEBRUHL, Della B.  23 Jun 1994Kershaw County, South Carolina I94768
30 DEBRUHL, James Thomas  1940Kershaw County, South Carolina I94769
31 DIXON, Margaret Metilda  28 May 1943Kershaw County, South Carolina I211380
32 DIXON, Rena Elizabeth  24 Sep 1898Kershaw County, South Carolina I93481
33 DIXON, Susan Ella  1934Kershaw County, South Carolina I211378
34 E, Needham /CATO  Bef 29 Nov 1831Kershaw County, South Carolina I92975
35 EXUM, Kinchen  1819Kershaw County, South Carolina I226881
36 FAULKENBERRY, Walter Ervin  7 Sep 1970Kershaw County, South Carolina I250411
37 GARDNER, Isaac III  18 Sep 1938Kershaw County, South Carolina I95833
38 GARDNER, Nannie A.  4 Nov 1963Kershaw County, South Carolina I95818
39 GARLICK, Elizabeth  1873Kershaw County, South Carolina I211499
40 GASKIN, David  Abt 1856Kershaw County, South Carolina I114788
41 GASKINS, Ezekiel Ephraim Sr.  18 Jul 1811Kershaw County, South Carolina I94817
42 GAYLORD, Lavice/Levicy/Lucy  22/27 Jun 1882Kershaw County, South Carolina I52791
43 GRAHAM, Talitha  22 May 1840Kershaw County, South Carolina I94819
44 HAGINS, Nell  13 May 2005Kershaw County, South Carolina I295260
45 HANCOCK, Buford H.  10 Jul 1965Kershaw County, South Carolina I303843
46 HORTON, James Jefferson ,Jr.  1879Kershaw County, South Carolina I294067
47 HOUGH, Tressie  1925Kershaw County, South Carolina I94770
48 HUNTER, Henrietta “Hennie”  7 Sep 1913Kershaw County, South Carolina I95730
49 JOYNER, Mary  25 Nov 1934Kershaw County, South Carolina I94734
50 KELLY, David Henry Sr.  Jan 1879Kershaw County, South Carolina I262006

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GRIER, Benjamin J.  Kershaw County, South Carolina I5039


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 HORTON, James Jefferson ,Jr.  1879Kershaw County, South Carolina I294067


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRANNON / CLYBURN  Abt 1852Kershaw County, South Carolina F64764
2 BRANNON / DOUGLAS  Abt 1856Kershaw County, South Carolina F143274
3 BRANNON / SMITH  Abt 1839Kershaw County, South Carolina F64761
4 BROWN / NEWMAN  Bef 1817Kershaw County, South Carolina F143349
5 BULLOCK / WILSON  22 Dec 1942Kershaw County, South Carolina F203494
7 DAVIS / THOMPSON  22 Jan 1874Kershaw County, South Carolina F48784
8 DIXON / CHAMPION  8 Nov 1900Kershaw County, South Carolina F143250
9 ELMORE / GOFF  10 Feb 1892Kershaw County, South Carolina F49253
10 HALL / BRANNON  19 Mar 1848Kershaw County, South Carolina F64706
11 HINSON / NESBITT  8 Mar 1939Kershaw County, South Carolina F203894
12 HOLLAND / ROGERS  1 Dec 1938Kershaw County, South Carolina F197507
13 MATHIAS / BRANNON  Abt 1863Kershaw County, South Carolina F143276
14 MICKLE / SMITH  26 Dec 1891Kershaw County, South Carolina F197836
15 NEWMAN / CROSBY  Abt 1921Kershaw County, South Carolina F143268
16 OUTLAW /   Abt 1860Kershaw County, South Carolina F62413
17 OUTLAW / BRANNON  1 Jan 1860Kershaw County, South Carolina F64770
18 OUTLAW / ELLIS  Bef 1850Kershaw County, South Carolina F143289
19 OUTLAW / PARKER  Abt 1873Kershaw County, South Carolina F143294
20 ROBERTS / CATOE  16 Aug 1931Kershaw County, South Carolina F65704
21 ROBERTSON / LEIGH  14 May 1840Kershaw County, South Carolina F63575
22 SMITH / ROSS  Abt 1904Kershaw County, South Carolina F203635
23 SOWELL / BLACKWELL  Kershaw County, South Carolina F62655
24 TRUESDALE / NEWMAN  Abt 1889Kershaw County, South Carolina F143259
25 WILSON / GOFF  Abt 1945Kershaw County, South Carolina F203491

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