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Lee County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABRAM, Lorraine “Penney”  27 May 1963Lee County, South Carolina I212132
2 ABRAMS, Richard “Tee”  3 Aug 1954Lee County, South Carolina I208040
3 ALEXANDER, Charles D.  12 May 1927Lee County, South Carolina I188691
4 ALEXANDER, Herndon Daly “Daly”  30 Oct 1919Lee County, South Carolina I93598
5 ALEXANDER, Joseph Kirkland “Joe” Sr.  5 Mar 1885Lee County, South Carolina I188415
6 AMERSON, Ada Estelle  28 Feb 1896Lee County, South Carolina I109079
7 AMERSON, Hattie  1930Lee County, South Carolina I279201
8 AMERSON, Lila  1919Lee County, South Carolina I175198
9 AMERSON, Lourine  1922Lee County, South Carolina I175189
10 AMERSON, Rosa Mabel/Mable “Mable”  5 May 1895Lee County, South Carolina I112714
11 ANDREWS, John Lennell Sr.  1924Lee County, South Carolina I94106
12 ANDREWS, Max E.  1934Lee County, South Carolina I94103
13 ARRANTS, Elma  22 Oct 1916Lee County, South Carolina I328299
14 ARRANTS, Homer Ray Sr.  1926Lee County, South Carolina I223777
15 ARRANTS, Jerry Laverne “Red”  15 Jan 1940Lee County, South Carolina I310371
16 ATKINSON, Acie Willie/Willie Acie “Bill”  1920Lee County, South Carolina I168746
17 ATKINSON, Addie Alger  17 Aug 1891Lee County, South Carolina I107108
18 ATKINSON, Allie Bryan Sr.  7 Oct 1906Lee County, South Carolina I71604
19 ATKINSON, Annie Lee  1923Lee County, South Carolina I113353
20 ATKINSON, Bernice  11 Mar 1911Lee County, South Carolina I118426
21 ATKINSON, Betty  16 Jan 1933Lee County, South Carolina I308737
22 ATKINSON, Betty Ruth “Ruth”  1935Lee County, South Carolina I110703
23 ATKINSON, Candy Layton/Leighton  7 Oct 1887Lee County, South Carolina I109078
24 ATKINSON, Cassie Caroline  1886Lee County, South Carolina I109972
25 ATKINSON, Clara Jeanette  26 Dec 1927Lee County, South Carolina I180133
26 ATKINSON, Clarence James  Lee County, South Carolina I85345
27 ATKINSON, Clarendon B.  11 Jul 1897Lee County, South Carolina I329379
28 ATKINSON, Daniel Elias “Dan”  13 May 1893Lee County, South Carolina I113398
29 ATKINSON, Frances  1917Lee County, South Carolina I113266
30 ATKINSON, Furman Reid Sr.  7 Oct 1901Lee County, South Carolina I132583
31 ATKINSON, Glenn Maddison  1932Lee County, South Carolina I103389
32 ATKINSON, Hannah Saphonia  21/22 Mar 1914Lee County, South Carolina I114163
33 ATKINSON, Harold Floyd “Harold”  1928Lee County, South Carolina I113356
34 ATKINSON, Harold “Harry”  30 Nov 1926Lee County, South Carolina I112382
35 ATKINSON, Henry M.  21 May 1887Lee County, South Carolina I113392
36 ATKINSON, Henry Wallace “Wallace”  13 May 1883Lee County, South Carolina I74493
37 ATKINSON, Ila Jerome  9 Apr 1919Lee County, South Carolina I113456
38 ATKINSON, Irene  1922Lee County, South Carolina I99509
39 ATKINSON, James Purdy “J.P.”  6 Jul 1924Lee County, South Carolina I106548
40 ATKINSON, Jessie Caroline “Snail”  18 May 1912Lee County, South Carolina I89937
41 ATKINSON, John Kirkland Sr.  3 Nov 1890Lee County, South Carolina I110804
42 ATKINSON, John Kirkland Jr.  1929Lee County, South Carolina I110806
43 ATKINSON, Joseph N. “Man” “Joe” Sr.  8 Sep 1924Lee County, South Carolina I112381
44 ATKINSON, Julia Sara Jane  11 May 1910Lee County, South Carolina I107077
45 ATKINSON, Larry L.  1932Lee County, South Carolina I113357
46 ATKINSON, Lever Elias  1902Lee County, South Carolina I113426
47 ATKINSON, Liston Francis  1931Lee County, South Carolina I168753
48 ATKINSON, Lloyd Woffard  30 Jul 1936Lee County, South Carolina I103384
49 ATKINSON, Lorraine Laton “Papa”  1916Lee County, South Carolina I163151
50 ATKINSON, Marian Amelia  25 Jul 1918Lee County, South Carolina I119806

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Janie Louise  13 Jul 1996Lee County, South Carolina I304076
2 Lillian A.  1935Lee County, South Carolina I93622
3 ALEXANDER, Charles Mitchell  26 Sep 1905Lee County, South Carolina I124438
4 ALEXANDER, Hinson Murray Sr.  24 Jan 1965Lee County, South Carolina I89157
5 BAKER, Mary Julia  8 Apr 1969Lee County, South Carolina I294435
6 BASKIN, Eldridge B. M. D.  23 Mar 1957Lee County, South Carolina I305932
7 BASKIN, Thomas Edmund  15 Sep 1904Lee County, South Carolina I305929
8 BEASLEY, Lucius Rembert  2 Jul 1939Lee County, South Carolina I89337
9 BELL, John Edward Dupree “Eddie”  28 Aug 1920Lee County, South Carolina I133685
10 BELL, John Henry “Henry”  5 Aug 1981Lee County, South Carolina I174239
11 BOYCE, Salley  15 Nov 1916Lee County, South Carolina I65330
12 BRAMLETT, Roderick Henderson  11 Jul 1957Lee County, South Carolina I174126
13 CAUGHMAN, Bernard Frank  4 Jul 1970Lee County, South Carolina I303803
14 CAUGHMAN, John Raymond  13 Apr 1995Lee County, South Carolina I256048
15 CHANDLER, Caroline Virginia “Carrie”  9 Aug 1931Lee County, South Carolina I20030
16 COPELA, Ripley Jr.  Lee County, South Carolina I78386
17 COPELAND, Ella  17 May 1922Lee County, South Carolina I78324
18 COPELAND, Mary Ann  17 Dec 1914Lee County, South Carolina I70303
19 CORBETT, Shuler  12 May 1995Lee County, South Carolina I303927
20 CRAVEN, Boyd Franklin Sr.  16 Feb 1971Lee County, South Carolina I89481
21 DAMPIER, Thomas Edward  22 Sep 1952Lee County, South Carolina I111514
22 DAVIS, Annie Lee  12 Apr 1938Lee County, South Carolina I194121
23 DAVIS, Robert  25 Oct 1912Lee County, South Carolina I211984
24 DAVIS, Willie Thomas “Will”  3 Jul 1953Lee County, South Carolina I188774
25 DUBOSE, Emma Lorene  13 Nov 1898Lee County, South Carolina I215550
26 DURANT, Arthur Baron  19 Aug 1936Lee County, South Carolina I77270
27 DURANT, Davis Edward  1919Lee County, South Carolina I305935
28 ELMORE, Claude Olin “Olin”  22 Aug 1988Lee County, South Carolina I89945
29 ELMORE, Harry Eugene  30 Oct 1932Lee County, South Carolina I303806
30 ELMORE, Hilton  8 Feb 1988Lee County, South Carolina I70859
31 ELMORE, James Benson  20/21 Aug 1987Lee County, South Carolina I70858
32 ELMORE, Otis Jamison Sr.  11 Dec 1997Lee County, South Carolina I138711
33 ELMORE, Robert Simeon “Sim”  9 Nov 1947Lee County, South Carolina I70817
34 ELMORE, Sarah Frances  12 Jan 1925Lee County, South Carolina I70818
35 FLOYD, Elizabeth “Lizzie”  12 Oct 1929Lee County, South Carolina I124096
36 FOLSOM, Joseph K.  25 Sep 1947Lee County, South Carolina I91189
37 FOLSOM, Rosalee  30 Jun 1976Lee County, South Carolina I91190
38 FOLSOM, Voncile  1 Nov 1983Lee County, South Carolina I92943
39 GALLOWAY, Era Virginia  29 Oct 1973Lee County, South Carolina I93616
40 GALLOWAY, George Ernest  17 Dec 2000Lee County, South Carolina I93618
41 GALLOWAY, Kitty Elizabeth “Betty” “Martha K.”  22 Jan 1938Lee County, South Carolina I82493
42 GENTRY, Edward Hinds  12 Jun 1963Lee County, South Carolina I174443
43 GIBSON, Clara Glenn  10 Jan 1918Lee County, South Carolina I86396
44 GIBSON, John Glenn  11 Aug 1916Lee County, South Carolina I86388
45 GOFF, Mattie Harriett  27 Mar 1944Lee County, South Carolina I70768
46 GOFFE, Levina/Livina/Lavinia  15 Jan 1895Lee County, South Carolina I212515
47 HAMMOND, Martha Susanna  11 Feb 1911Lee County, South Carolina I65336
48 HERIOT, Robert LaRoche Sr.  4 Nov 1881Lee County, South Carolina I13817
49 HERIOT, Robert LaRoche Jr.  16 Jan 1904Lee County, South Carolina I20090
50 HOLLAND, Iona Elizabeth  26 Feb 2002Lee County, South Carolina I93577

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Mary Eliza  Lee County, South Carolina I144115
2 HAM, Martha Addeline “Addie”  Lee County, South Carolina I25722
3 JOSEY, Benjamin William “Willis”  27 Aug 1866Lee County, South Carolina I206251
4 MCLEOD, Thomas Gordon  Lee County, South Carolina I135659
5 ROGERS, Ernest Brasington Jr.  18 Jun 2016Lee County, South Carolina I304336


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 WELCH, Henry Evans  3 May 1987Lee County, South Carolina I294434


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATKINSON / BROWDER  31 Aug 1949Lee County, South Carolina F78349
2 ATKINSON / BYRD  9 Jul 1921Lee County, South Carolina F78308
3 ATKINSON / HERRINGTON  16 Aug 1940Lee County, South Carolina F75335
4 ATKINSON / KINLAW  16 Jan 1943Lee County, South Carolina F78312
5 ATKINSON / LOGAN  20 Dec 1917Lee County, South Carolina F67984
6 ATKINSON / PROCTOR  13 Sep 1914Lee County, South Carolina F75326
7 BARRETT / TROUBLEFIELD  23 Dec 1919Lee County, South Carolina F91874
8 BELL / STROTHER  1890Lee County, South Carolina F91910
9 BRAMLETT / ELMORE  19 Dec 1929Lee County, South Carolina F49334
10 COPELAND / JOSEY  24 Nov 1932Lee County, South Carolina F118674
11 DAVIS / BELL  23 Dec 1918Lee County, South Carolina F116011
12 ELMORE / BARNES  19 Nov 1933Lee County, South Carolina F62405
13 MOORE / HAYES  Lee County, South Carolina F64882
14 NESBITT / LOGAN  20 Nov 1931Lee County, South Carolina F74057
15 ROLLINS / LOCKLAIR  22 Feb 1947Lee County, South Carolina F61795
16 SMITH / BAKER  15 Jan 1911Lee County, South Carolina F197489
17 THOMAS / GIBBS  Lee County, South Carolina F138942
18 THOMAS / WATFORD  Abt 1898Lee County, South Carolina F138954
19 WELCH / SMITH  15 Sep 1943Lee County, South Carolina F197504

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