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Marion, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALFORD, Mary  Marion, South Carolina I225887
2 ALLEN, Mary Ann  10 Dec 1810Marion, South Carolina I51303
3 BAKER, John  1769Marion, South Carolina I14852
4 BAKER, Mourning Elizabeth  Marion, South Carolina I14854
5 BAKER, William  16 Sep 1776Marion, South Carolina I14853
6 BENTON, Charles R. “Charlie”  1871/77Marion, South Carolina I21174
7 BROOKS, Josephine  1832Marion, South Carolina I298118
8 COXE, Sarah  9 Jan 1803Marion, South Carolina I12708
9 ELLERBE, Araminta  29 Jan 1841Marion, South Carolina I12834
10 ELLERBE, Johanna  1833Marion, South Carolina I12831
11 ELLERBE, John C. Lucinda  28 Aug 1842Marion, South Carolina I12835
12 ELLERBE, Richard Plantagenet  4 Mar 1835Marion, South Carolina I12832
13 ELLERBE, Sarah  1839Marion, South Carolina I12833
14 ELLERBE, William Shackelford  18 Jul 1832Marion, South Carolina I12830
15 ERVIN, James Robert  7 Nov 1788Marion, South Carolina I14669
16 ERVIN, John Colonel  1754Marion, South Carolina I13849
17 EVANS, Alfred  Marion, South Carolina I14873
18 EVANS, Andrew Jackson  Marion, South Carolina I14872
19 EVANS, Asa Lewis/Louis  Marion, South Carolina I14875
20 EVANS, Beverly Daniel Sr.  Marion, South Carolina I14871
21 EVANS, Chelsey Daniel Sr.  Marion, South Carolina I14867
22 EVANS, Edith  Marion, South Carolina I14859
23 EVANS, Elizabeth  30 Sep 1810Marion, South Carolina I14862
24 EVANS, James  Marion, South Carolina I14874
25 EVANS, John Gamewell  Marion, South Carolina I14863
26 EVANS, Martha Serena  Marion, South Carolina I14868
27 EVANS, Mary Jane  Marion, South Carolina I14877
28 EVANS, Nathan  18 Sep 1805Marion, South Carolina I14861
29 EVANS, Nathan George  Marion, South Carolina I14870
30 EVANS, Sarah Jane  Marion, South Carolina I14878
31 EVANS, William Edwin  Marion, South Carolina I14876
32 EVANS, Woodson  Marion, South Carolina I14879
33 FOWLER, Sarah Margaret “Maggie”  1854Marion, South Carolina I108170
34 FOXWORTH, Maxcy/Maxy Gregg  4 May 1865Marion, South Carolina I14895
35 FOXWORTH, Richard Maxcy   I14897
36 FOXWORTH, William Capers  1821Marion, South Carolina I14894
37 FRIERSON, Edward Cecil I MD  23 Apr 1857Marion, South Carolina I116536
38 GASQUE, Samuel  Abt 1755/38/40Marion, South Carolina I24626
39 GODBOLD, Asa  1804Marion, South Carolina I12709
40 GODBOLD, Sarah Martha  21 Dec 1843Marion, South Carolina I12707
41 GREGG, Elizabeth Jane  11 Jan 1819Marion, South Carolina I14882
42 GREGG, James R.  4 Jul 1787Marion, South Carolina I11699
43 GREGG, John McNeill  6 Feb 1824Marion, South Carolina I14885
44 GREGG, Martha Serena  9 Apr 1825Marion, South Carolina I14886
45 GREGG, Mary McFadden  15 Jan 1830Marion, South Carolina I14888
46 GREGG, Nathan Thomas  31 Mar 1834Marion, South Carolina I14890
47 GREGG, Rhody Caroline  3 Sep 1840Marion, South Carolina I14893
48 GREGG, Robert Evans  3 Aug 1822Marion, South Carolina I14884
49 GREGG, Sarah Jane  14 Mar 1837Marion, South Carolina I14892
50 GREGG, Susannah Edith “Eady”  21 Apr 1831Marion, South Carolina I14889

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Mary Ann  5 Jun 1882Marion, South Carolina I51303
2 BAKER, John  1854Marion, South Carolina I14852
3 BAKER, Mourning Elizabeth  Marion, South Carolina I14854
4 BAKER, William  25 Sep 1834Marion, South Carolina I14853
5 BRYANT, Jessie  Marion, South Carolina I24647
6 COOPER, Eleanor McKnight  14 Nov 1857Marion, South Carolina I14881
7 COOPER, John Captain  Marion, South Carolina I13056
8 COXE, Sarah  5 Jan 1853Marion, South Carolina I12708
9 CRAWFORD, Hepsabeth  Abt 1825Marion, South Carolina I51433
10 DOZIER, John Sr.  22 Dec 1807Marion, South Carolina I55748
11 DOZIER, Rebecca  Marion, South Carolina I24627
12 ELLERBE, Araminta  30 Mar 1843Marion, South Carolina I12834
13 ELLERBE, Johanna  1873Marion, South Carolina I12831
14 ELLERBE, John C. Lucinda  5 Apr 1843Marion, South Carolina I12835
15 ELLERBE, Richard Plantagenet  3 Jul 1899Marion, South Carolina I12832
16 ELLERBE, William Shackelford  17 Jun 1889Marion, South Carolina I12830
17 ERVIN, John Colonel  1810Marion, South Carolina I13849
18 ERVIN, Susannah  20 Apr 1789Marion, South Carolina I14344
19 EVANS, Edith  Marion, South Carolina I14859
20 EVANS, Elizabeth  6 Feb 1836Marion, South Carolina I14862
21 EVANS, John Gamewell  Marion, South Carolina I14863
22 EVANS, Nathan  12 Feb 1884Marion, South Carolina I14861
23 EVANS, Thomas  Marion, South Carolina I14850
24 FITZPATRICK (FITCHPATRICK), Anna Fitzpatrick  Feb 1817Marion, South Carolina I14358
25 FOXWORTH, Maxcy/Maxy Gregg  25 Sep 1938Marion, South Carolina I14895
26 FOXWORTH, William Capers  4 Mar 1897Marion, South Carolina I14894
27 GODBOLD, Edith  Marion, South Carolina I14843
28 GODBOLD, James  Marion, South Carolina I14856
29 GORDON, Sarah  1800Marion, South Carolina I14355
30 GREGG, Elizabeth Jane  26 Apr 1827Marion, South Carolina I14882
31 GREGG, Nathan Thomas  15 Dec 1843Marion, South Carolina I14890
32 GREGG, Robert Evans  13 Oct 1899Marion, South Carolina I14884
33 GREGG, William James  Dec 1855Marion, South Carolina I14891
34 HAYES, Joseph Benjamin Sr.  20 Nov 1885Marion, South Carolina I70082
35 HAYES, William H.  24 Jul 1882Marion, South Carolina I133145
36 JAMES, Elizabeth  1782Marion, South Carolina I13722
37 LANE, James William Osborne  14 Apr 1935Marion, South Carolina I51445
38 LANE, Joseph M.  18 Mar 1888Marion, South Carolina I6822
39 MCDOWELL, William  1803Marion, South Carolina I24652
40 MCILVEEN, Jane  18 Feb 1852Marion, South Carolina I13076
41 MCINTYRE, Lora Esther  9 Mar 1974Marion, South Carolina I14896
42 MYERS, Elizabeth McCullough  6 Apr 1866Marion, South Carolina I86595
43 PORTER, Abijah  Nov 1819Marion, South Carolina I24616
44 ROGERS, Elizabeth Ann  Marion, South Carolina I14844
45 ROGERS, Lot  2 Apr 1829Marion, South Carolina I14845
46 TIMMONS, Captain John Sr.  1823Marion, South Carolina I25693
47 TIMMONS, John Morgan II  1863Marion, South Carolina I298117
48 TIMMONS, Reverend John Morgan  30 Oct 1869Marion, South Carolina I226662
49 TIMMONS, Susan “Sue”  28 Oct 1873Marion, South Carolina I58482
50 TURBEVILLE, Obedience  Marion, South Carolina I24648

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GREGG, Wesley Washington  Marion, South Carolina I14883


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEASLEY / LONG  15 Jul 1926Marion, South Carolina F72728
2 EVANS / FORE  Abt 1797Marion, South Carolina F5259
3 GASQUE / DOZIER  Abt 1766Marion, South Carolina F17343
4 GODBOLD / COXE  1828Marion, South Carolina F4533
5 HATCHELL / PILKINGTON  Abt 1808Marion, South Carolina F15105
6 TISDALE / ROBERTS  Oct 1935Marion, South Carolina F39560

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