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Florence County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hannah R.  Florence County, South Carolina I225401
2 Lether  1889Florence County, South Carolina I150608
3 Louise K.  1910Florence County, South Carolina I189099
4 ALEXANDER, Belvin Rhyne “Bill/Belvin/Alex”  15 Apr 1913Florence County, South Carolina I188418
5 ALLEN, Furman John  Florence County, South Carolina I226663
6 ALLEN, Norman  Abt 1925Florence County, South Carolina I226326
7 ALLEN, Ruth  23 Dec 1896Florence County, South Carolina I173568
8 ALTMAN, Betty F.  1954Florence County, South Carolina I234594
9 ALTMAN, Homer  15 Jun 1918Florence County, South Carolina I227722
10 ANDERSON, Jean  1927Florence County, South Carolina I201674
11 ANDERSON, Thomas Walter Sr.  1923Florence County, South Carolina I249689
12 ARD, Cameron Alexis  8 Jan 1999Florence County, South Carolina I333927
13 ARD, Lilly Ann  Florence County, South Carolina I64058
14 ARD, Mary Anna  Florence County, South Carolina I58435
15 ARD, Oscar Colonial “Colonial”  8 Dec 1912Florence County, South Carolina I155451
16 ARD, Troy DeLeon  1 Oct 1912Florence County, South Carolina I58382
17 ARMFIELD, Berectra Lee  1 Jun 1883Florence County, South Carolina I64438
18 ARMFIELD, Leila  17 Jun 1880Florence County, South Carolina I64437
19 ARMFIELD, Margaret Anne Elizabeth  10 Apr 1879Florence County, South Carolina I38966
20 ASKINS, Charlton Holmes  1845Florence County, South Carolina I157788
21 ASKINS, Minnie Ruth  21 Oct 1964Florence County, South Carolina I223674
22 ASKINS, Paul Roy  16 Jan 1889Florence County, South Carolina I223620
23 ASKINS, Robert Barney  Florence County, South Carolina I223679
24 ASKINS, Sarah Pilkington  29 Dec 1857Florence County, South Carolina I54868
25 ASKINS, Susannah Ann  2 Apr 1859Florence County, South Carolina I54869
26 ATKINSON, Emily  Florence County, South Carolina I133304
27 ATKINSON, William O’Dell “Bill”  1942Florence County, South Carolina I111713
28 AVIN, Wallace Laverne Sr.  8 Aug 1932Florence County, South Carolina I69259
29 BAILEY, Annice  Florence County, South Carolina I155477
30 BAILEY, John  Florence County, South Carolina I155476
31 BAKER, Betty Jean  1940Florence County, South Carolina I281346
32 BARFIELD, Ronnie  8 Mar 1956Florence County, South Carolina I326890
33 BARFIELD, Willie Jack  5 May 1956Florence County, South Carolina I326913
34 BARRINEAU, Madis Morrell  22 Feb 1931Florence County, South Carolina I181234
35 BARRINEAU, Sarah Elizabeth  1930Florence County, South Carolina I169339
36 BASS, Alice  Florence County, South Carolina I196722
37 BAXLEY, James Allen  Florence County, South Carolina I64057
38 BAXLEY, James Brad  25 Mar 1899Florence County, South Carolina I64055
39 BAZEN, Brenda  Florence County, South Carolina I127196
40 BAZEN, Eunia Bell  Abt 1931Florence County, South Carolina I248985
41 BAZEN, Lottie Mae  Florence County, South Carolina I64249
42 BAZEN, Newell M.  1934Florence County, South Carolina I238470
43 BAZEN, Tilder  Florence County, South Carolina I64220
44 BELL, Claude Caldwell Jr.  28 Jul 1927Florence County, South Carolina I95954
45 BELLFLOWERS, Raleigh  13 Jun 1898Florence County, South Carolina I155357
46 BELLFLOWERS, Thomas “Tom”  16 Jul 1916Florence County, South Carolina I58597
47 BENTON, Beverly “Bela”  Jan 1896Florence County, South Carolina I55044
48 BENTON, Carl Allard  18 Dec 1897Florence County, South Carolina I55045
49 BENTON, Henry Lewis  6 Dec 1899Florence County, South Carolina I55047
50 BENTON, John William  13 Aug 1913Florence County, South Carolina I55050

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lether  5 Nov 1923Florence County, South Carolina I150608
2 Margaret “Mary”  Aft 1900Florence County, South Carolina I21811
3 ALEXANDER, Joseph Kirkland “Joe” Sr.  4 May 1962Florence County, South Carolina I188415
4 ALEXANDER, Joseph Lee “Lee”  21 Feb 1987Florence County, South Carolina I188504
5 ALEXANDER, Wilton Kenneth “Kenneth”  22 May 1986Florence County, South Carolina I188508
6 ALLEN, Martha Patricia  11 Feb 1891Florence County, South Carolina I60418
7 ALLEN, Norman  2 May 1996Florence County, South Carolina I226326
8 ALTMAN, John James  27 Dec 1905Florence County, South Carolina I302901
9 ALTMAN, Mary M.  Nov 1920Florence County, South Carolina I132883
10 ALTMAN, Viola Victoria  2 Jan 1966Florence County, South Carolina I226633
11 ALTMAN, William David  5 Mar 1905Florence County, South Carolina I227076
12 ANDREWS, Eberdine A. “Dick”  Jan 1962Florence County, South Carolina I136468
13 ARD, Troy DeLeon  Dec 1972Florence County, South Carolina I58382
14 ARMFIELD, Alexander Leanidos (Lee)  28 Aug 1912Florence County, South Carolina I64432
15 ARMFIELD, Margaret Anne Elizabeth  22 Sep 1912Florence County, South Carolina I38966
16 ASKINS, Charlton Holmes  Florence County, South Carolina I157788
17 ASKINS, Eula Inex/ F.  28 Apr 1936Florence County, South Carolina I54880
18 ASKINS, Fred Ernest  10 Aug 1951Florence County, South Carolina I157799
19 ASKINS, James W.  18 May 1872Florence County, South Carolina I54875
20 ASKINS, Doctor Robert T.  14 Jun 1863Florence County, South Carolina I21578
21 ASKINS, Samuel Ezra  19 Aug 1892Florence County, South Carolina I54873
22 AVIN, Mary Rebecca  16 Feb 1952Florence County, South Carolina I18285
23 BAILEY, Edith Annie  9 Jul 1980Florence County, South Carolina I157800
24 BARTELL, Caroline  Florence County, South Carolina I82862
25 BENENHALEY, Charles Louis  3 Jun 1995Florence County, South Carolina I100405
26 BENTON, John Bunyan “Johnny”  19 Apr 1944Florence County, South Carolina I21173
27 BENTON, Lewis Leroy  10 Feb 1925Florence County, South Carolina I20963
28 BENTON, Penelope  1838Florence County, South Carolina I11820
29 BIGELOW, Charlie Myers  1 May 2007Florence County, South Carolina I223533
30 BRADHAM, Mary Elizabeth “Elizabeth”  31 Mar 1986Florence County, South Carolina I125935
31 BRAVEBOY, Toby Laverne  5 Dec 1971Florence County, South Carolina I155348
32 BROCKINTON, William /BROCKINGTON  1802Florence County, South Carolina I11819
33 BRUNSON, Joseph Woods  Jun 1923Florence County, South Carolina I5364
34 BRUNSON, Peter Alexander  20 Jan 1907Florence County, South Carolina I5178
35 BUDDIN, Julian Ryan Sr.  19 Aug 1944Florence County, South Carolina I115714
36 CAIN, Jack  1911Florence County, South Carolina I193030
37 CAIN, Joseph  2 Nov 1910Florence County, South Carolina I193029
38 CAIN, Julian  19 Apr 1909Florence County, South Carolina I193028
39 CAIN, Thomas Church  12 Mar 1896Florence County, South Carolina I54282
40 CANTEY, James Franklin “Jimmy” III/Jr.  2 Feb 2008Florence County, South Carolina I142138
41 CARTER, Annette/a Bertha “Nettie”  4 Sep 1945Florence County, South Carolina I20732
42 CARTER, Henry Fred Sr.  3 Jun 1973Florence County, South Carolina I50394
43 CHILDERS, William James L.  27 Jul 1934Florence County, South Carolina I50260
44 COCKFIELD, William Howell Sr.  30 Jul 1971Florence County, South Carolina I132777
45 COLEMAN, Marion James  24 Feb 1977Florence County, South Carolina I132080
46 COLLINS, Edgar “Eagerton” David  7 Jul 1965Florence County, South Carolina I54970
47 COLLINS, Florence  17 May 1950Florence County, South Carolina I54973
48 COLLINS, Mary Caroline  13 Dec 1932Florence County, South Carolina I157789
49 COLLINS, Tom Charlie  12 Apr 1972Florence County, South Carolina I54979
50 CONNELL, Mettie Wilson  May 1934Florence County, South Carolina I132725

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Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CARRICK, Navy Seaman Charles Bryce  Florence County, South Carolina I286301
2 CUSAAC, Bessie Viola  Florence County, South Carolina I337520
3 KIRBY, Elsie  Florence County, South Carolina I155134
4 LANGSTON, Katie Catherine  Florence County, South Carolina I228326
5 OLIVER, Willard Sebastian  Florence County, South Carolina I337521
6 SMITH, Lola Myrtie  Florence County, South Carolina I54147


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAZEN, Maxie Kenneth “Mack” Sr.  Florence County, South Carolina I67487
2 THOMAS, Della  1869Florence County, South Carolina I63833


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 KIRBY, Alexander Calhoun  5 Jan 1906Florence County, South Carolina I53281
2 KIRBY, Elizabeth  17 Feb 1904Florence County, South Carolina I53289
3 WHITE, Mary Eva  8 Jan 1949Florence County, South Carolina I96509


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALEXANDER / LANGSTON  3 Sep 1932Florence County, South Carolina F128051
2 AMERSON / HAM   F66904
3 ASKINS / COURTNEY  1863Florence County, South Carolina F39126
4 BENNETT / FLOYD  19 Oct 1929Florence County, South Carolina F84732
5 BOSTICK / HYMAN  14 Feb 1946Florence County, South Carolina F44700
6 BROACH / AVIN  25 Sep 1926Florence County, South Carolina F70924
7 CARTER / HATCHELL  1919Florence County, South Carolina F35969
8 CHILDERS / HUTCHINSON  15 Oct 1893Florence County, South Carolina F14589
9 COLLINS /   Florence County, South Carolina F39200
10 COX / TURNER  27 Jan 1898Florence County, South Carolina F153172
11 FINKLEA / HYMAN  Abt 1889Florence County, South Carolina F41488
12 GASKINS / MCALISTER  21 Jan 1900Florence County, South Carolina F167738
13 GIBBONS / MORRIS  19 Dec 1948Florence County, South Carolina F99986
14 GIBBONS / PIERCE  2 Mar 1946Florence County, South Carolina F75645
15 GREGG /   18 Jun 1932Florence County, South Carolina F9673
16 GREGG / TRULUCK  Abt 1912Florence County, South Carolina F66843
17 GREGG / WARD  1899Florence County, South Carolina F66839
18 HAM / ANDERSON  24 Nov 1920Florence County, South Carolina F66905
19 HAM / SCOTT  11 Nov 1896Florence County, South Carolina F66902
20 HATCHELL / BROWN  24 Dec 1938Florence County, South Carolina F36065
21 HATCHELL / FARLEY  29 Dec 1899Florence County, South Carolina F35948
22 HAYES / MYERS  19 Jan 1931Florence County, South Carolina F38967
23 HUTCHINSON / HOLLIDAY  21 Oct 1903Florence County, South Carolina F14493
24 HUTCHINSON / HYMAN  Abt 1889Florence County, South Carolina F38999
25 HYMAN / HYMAN  Abt 1890Florence County, South Carolina F41489
26 HYMAN / R  Abt 1896Florence County, South Carolina F41490
27 HYMAN / STURVIANT  Abt 1911Florence County, South Carolina F42282
28 LEACH / CAIN  23 Dec 1900Florence County, South Carolina F42128
29 LEACH / MCLEOD  7 Dec 1867Florence County, South Carolina F42130
30 MCCOWN / KENNEDY  1836Florence County, South Carolina F4457
31 MYERS / CUSACK  3/25 Mar 1934Florence County, South Carolina F38974
32 POOLE / WALKER  Florence County, South Carolina F51918
33 ROGERS / MYERS  6 Feb 1945Florence County, South Carolina F38966
34 SMITH / KIRBY  Abt 1883Florence County, South Carolina F38532
35 TURNER / COOPER - DANIELS  7 Feb 1916Florence County, South Carolina F153182
36 TURNER / CREEL  Between 1879-1915Florence County, South Carolina F153186
37 TURNER / MCLAUGHLIN  Aft 1898Florence County, South Carolina F15295
38 WEAVER / EVANS  28 Aug 1921Florence County, South Carolina F196571
39 WEAVER / POSTON  20 Nov 1927Florence County, South Carolina F152888

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