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Williamsburg County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Frances L. “Fannie”  Sep 1852Williamsburg County, South Carolina I21513
2 ALSBROOKS, John Willie  13 May 1920Williamsburg County, South Carolina I222579
3 ALSBROOKS, Virginia Frances  13 Oct 1877Williamsburg County, South Carolina I222581
4 ALTMAN, Charlie  31 May 1884Williamsburg County, South Carolina I302904
5 ALTMAN, Infant Son  3 Apr 1943Williamsburg County, South Carolina I302912
6 ALTMAN, John James  13 Jan 1846Williamsburg County, South Carolina I302901
7 ANDERSON, Forest Ledal  22 Feb 1922Williamsburg County, South Carolina I112220
8 ANDERSON, Junius Billy “Billy”  31 Oct 1924Williamsburg County, South Carolina I176148
9 ANDERSON, Sarah  Williamsburg County, South Carolina I63935
10 ARD, Ella/Della  18 Apr 1893Williamsburg County, South Carolina I157394
11 ARD, James “Buddy”  1949Williamsburg County, South Carolina I141279
12 BAKER, Clyde M. Jr.  1927Williamsburg County, South Carolina I231791
13 BAKER, Hyatt Haselton  Dec 1917Williamsburg County, South Carolina I170082
14 BAKER, Lloyd Fitzhugh  16 Apr 1910Williamsburg County, South Carolina I170083
15 BAKER, Mae  27 Nov 1903Williamsburg County, South Carolina I114455
16 BARR, Elizabeth  Abt 1782Williamsburg County, South Carolina I89284
17 BENNETT, Glasco W.  1860Williamsburg County, South Carolina I189919
18 BLACKWELL, James Cunningham  20 Feb 1805Williamsburg County, South Carolina I52058
19 BOCHETTE, Flossie M.  19 May 1911Williamsburg County, South Carolina I105697
20 BOUCHETTE, Wilbur  1912Williamsburg County, South Carolina I181331
21 BOUCHETTE, Willie Gillion  2 Mar 1901Williamsburg County, South Carolina I142235
22 BOYD, Agnes  Williamsburg County, South Carolina I254848
23 BOYD, Hugh Wayman  20 Apr 1909Williamsburg County, South Carolina I143339
24 BOYD, Lila Mae  Williamsburg County, South Carolina I142300
25 BRADHAM, Barbara  30 Jul 1915Williamsburg County, South Carolina I148878
26 BRADHAM, Benjamin  Abt 1807Williamsburg County, South Carolina I90465
27 BRADHAM, Charlton A.  7 Jan 1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I148881
28 BRADHAM, Clara Geneva  30 Mar 1923Williamsburg County, South Carolina I148880
29 BRADHAM, Emma Lee  8 Feb 1914Williamsburg County, South Carolina I148877
30 BRADHAM, Eugene W. “Gene”  18 Nov 1920Williamsburg County, South Carolina I148879
31 BRADHAM, Furman Durant  Williamsburg County, South Carolina I169509
32 BRADHAM, Mary Magdalene  1924Williamsburg County, South Carolina I169507
33 BRADHAM, Paul  May 1860Williamsburg County, South Carolina I125198
34 BRADHAM, Robert Abraham  Abt 1808Williamsburg County, South Carolina I90466
35 BRADHAM, Sara Ann Salina  19 May 1832Williamsburg County, South Carolina I90468
36 BRADHAM, Sarah  Abt 1857Williamsburg County, South Carolina I125197
37 BRADHAM, Sueada  28 Sep 1911Williamsburg County, South Carolina I148876
38 BRADHAM, Susanna Adaline  Abt 1829Williamsburg County, South Carolina I90461
39 BRADHAM, Unknown  Abt 1806Williamsburg County, South Carolina I90464
40 BRADHAM, Unknown  Abt 1828Williamsburg County, South Carolina I90467
41 BRADLEY, Dr. James  11 May 1790Williamsburg County, South Carolina I70610
42 BRADLEY, Martha Emma “Emma”  4 Dec 1838Williamsburg County, South Carolina I70380
43 BRADSHAW, Virginia Olivia  1927Williamsburg County, South Carolina I74767
44 BRAXTON, Charles Edward  1952Williamsburg County, South Carolina I212452
45 BRAXTON, Katie Irene  19 Jul 1913Williamsburg County, South Carolina I170328
46 BRAXTON, Moody Laverne “Laverne”  30 Sep 1953Williamsburg County, South Carolina I132560
47 BROWDER, Jerry Calhoun Sr.  1951Williamsburg County, South Carolina I199489
48 BROWDER, Lucille Dorothy “Dot”  16 Apr 1922Williamsburg County, South Carolina I113491
49 BROWN, David Crawford Jr.  23 Aug 1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I275832
50 BROWN, Franklin Glenn “Frank” Jr.  14 Mar 1963Williamsburg County, South Carolina I238808

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALSBROOKS, Virginia Frances  25 Mar 1949Williamsburg County, South Carolina I222581
2 ALTMAN, Infant Son  3 Apr 1943Williamsburg County, South Carolina I302912
3 BAKER, Lewis Chapman  24 Jan 1897Williamsburg County, South Carolina I193359
4 BARR, Elizabeth  Williamsburg County, South Carolina I89284
5 BLACKWELL, Esther Joanna  22 Jun 1850Williamsburg County, South Carolina I52223
6 BRADLEY, Martha Emma “Emma”  21 Aug 1865Williamsburg County, South Carolina I70380
7 BROCKINTON, John Jr.  25 Sep 1853Williamsburg County, South Carolina I12673
8 BRUNSON, Robert Soule Sr.  1913Williamsburg County, South Carolina I5464
9 BUDDIN, William James “Jim” Sr.  19 Mar 1947Williamsburg County, South Carolina I115709
10 BUFORD, Major William Jr.  1810Williamsburg County, South Carolina I17705
11 CANNON, Edward Eugene  13 Oct 1967Williamsburg County, South Carolina I222629
12 CANNON, George Harmon Sr.  13 Dec 1959Williamsburg County, South Carolina I222630
13 CANNON, Melly B.  16 Mar 1930Williamsburg County, South Carolina I222583
14 CASSELS, Hannah  Abt 1785Williamsburg County, South Carolina I52752
15 CHANDLER, Dora Virginia  4 Jun 1896Williamsburg County, South Carolina I176159
16 COCKFIELD, Anna  17 Oct 1869Williamsburg County, South Carolina I25930
17 COCKFIELD, Ladson Hartley  22 Jan 1846Williamsburg County, South Carolina I193259
18 COX, James Walter/Walton  22 Dec 1945Williamsburg County, South Carolina I101166
19 COX, John Richard  4 Sep 1911Williamsburg County, South Carolina I193097
20 COX, William James Sr.  27 Aug 1861Williamsburg County, South Carolina I82656
21 CUSACK, Peter  1834Williamsburg County, South Carolina I54613
22 DAVIS, James Edwards  23 Sep 1923Williamsburg County, South Carolina I176158
23 DENNIS, LeRoy Edward Sr.  21 Feb 1974Williamsburg County, South Carolina I143093
24 DOLLARD, Eliza Susanna  22 Nov 1857Williamsburg County, South Carolina I70378
25 EADDY, D. John  17 Jun 1854/26 Sep 1823/8Williamsburg County, South Carolina I82831
26 EADDY, Lizette  27 May 1846Williamsburg County, South Carolina I111209
27 EADDY, Zachary Taylor  5 Nov 1883Williamsburg County, South Carolina I57510
28 EPPS, Eliza  28 Sep 1865Williamsburg County, South Carolina I211670
29 EPPS, Peter  2 Nov 1828Williamsburg County, South Carolina I132156
30 EPPS, Samuel Wesley “Jack” Sr.  29 Nov 1941Williamsburg County, South Carolina I154836
31 EPPS, William  29 Jan 1863Williamsburg County, South Carolina I132633
32 FLUITT, Mary Simon  1890Williamsburg County, South Carolina I60740
33 FRIERSON, John Sr./III Esq.  8 Aug 1840Williamsburg County, South Carolina I65434
34 FRIERSON, Martha Elvira  21 Oct 1853Williamsburg County, South Carolina I65412
35 FULTON, James Ervin “Melton”  1872Williamsburg County, South Carolina I70377
36 GAMBLE, Margaret Elizabeth  1932Williamsburg County, South Carolina I89573
37 GAMBLE, Martha  8 Oct 1857Williamsburg County, South Carolina I70458
38 GASKINS, Amanda Melviney  Abt 1898Williamsburg County, South Carolina I94801
39 GASKINS, Ezekiel Scott “Zeke” Jr.  Abt 1883/5Williamsburg County, South Carolina I24747
40 GASKINS, Samuel Joshua  15 Apr 1854Williamsburg County, South Carolina I82692
41 GILLAND, Reverend James Ruet  16 Dec 1877Williamsburg County, South Carolina I72262
42 GOINGS, Ladyan  18 Sep 1948Williamsburg County, South Carolina I142921
43 GRAHAM, John  Abt Apr 1813Williamsburg County, South Carolina I66459
44 GRAHAM, John Frierson  29 Nov 1863Williamsburg County, South Carolina I253372
45 GRAHAM, Sumter Moye Sr.  27 May 1957Williamsburg County, South Carolina I311217
46 GRAHAM, William  7 Sep 1779Williamsburg County, South Carolina I66447
47 HAM, Zilphia  16 Jun 1872Williamsburg County, South Carolina I57513
48 HANNA, Hugh H. Sr.  7 Aug 1842Williamsburg County, South Carolina I65514
49 HANNIFORD, Neil  6 Nov 1967Williamsburg County, South Carolina I223814
50 HOLLADAY, James Verdell Sr.  27 Aug 1965Williamsburg County, South Carolina I118896

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BRADHAM, Benjamin  Williamsburg County, South Carolina I90462
2 BRADHAM, Margaret Eudora  Williamsburg County, South Carolina I4974
3 GRAHAM, William  Williamsburg County, South Carolina I66447


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Mary Margaret  1765Williamsburg County, South Carolina I51614
2 COWARD, Sarah M./B./Rebecca  Abt 1832Williamsburg County, South Carolina I50721


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRUNSON / POLLOCK  1 Jul 1832Williamsburg County, South Carolina F56523
2 COCKFIELD / HAMILTON  15 Jan 1801Williamsburg County, South Carolina F36156
3 DURANT / PERKINS  Abt 1801Williamsburg County, South Carolina F53675
4 FLAGLER / MATHEWS  2 May 1865Williamsburg County, South Carolina F42741
5 FRIERSON / GRAHAM  4 Nov 1856Williamsburg County, South Carolina F170927
6 GASKINS / GRAHAM  Abt 1822Williamsburg County, South Carolina F57431
7 GRAHAM / FRIERSON  Abt 1829Williamsburg County, South Carolina F46334
8 GRAHAM / GRAHAM  Aft 1844Williamsburg County, South Carolina F46610
9 KINDER / FLAGLER  22 Jan 1902Williamsburg County, South Carolina F42735
10 LOFTON / MORRISON  Williamsburg County, South Carolina F81381
11 MCDONALD / GAMBLE  Abt 1822Williamsburg County, South Carolina F49071
12 MCINTOSH / THREADCRAFT  1 Jan 1756Williamsburg County, South Carolina F129483
13 MORRIS / BUDDIN  6 Dec 1930Williamsburg County, South Carolina F79921
14 PAYNE /   1691Williamsburg County, South Carolina F157841
15 STRONG / THAMES  Williamsburg County, South Carolina F62510
16 WELLS / MICHAU  18 Nov 1824Williamsburg County, South Carolina F15564

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